What's your GoodGym purpose?

Celebrating the different reasons that drive us to GoodGym

July 15, 2022

Have your own GoodGym story to share with the community? Email getinvolved@goodgym.org and we'll be in touch.

GoodGymers...there's thousands of us. And in terms of what brings us here, there's no doubt thousands of reasons too. Purpose is important for us all and we know that GoodGym can bring a sense of self-worth in ways we never thought possible. Here we speak with GoodGymers from around the country to hear some of the key reasons why they joined (and why they often never leave).


Whether it's to get fit or to keep fit, GoodGym attracts people who simply want to move. We know that physical exercise and keeping moving everyday can work wonders for our bodies and our mental wellbeing. What better way of staying on track than having a task to do and a community waiting to do it with you?

We talked to Kash about how GoodGym keeps her moving.


"GoodGym works great for me because it gives me an opportunity to not forget about running every now and then. Otherwise, I would hardly want to do any cardio exercises!" - Kash

A love of walking, running or cycling

Since growing from a community of runners to one of walkers, runners and cyclists, GoodGym survey data reports that walkers and cyclists together now make up as much of our network as runners do. Opening the doors to walking and cycling has meant that so many more of us can be a part of the mission.

GoodGymer Nurjehan tells us about her journey to become a runner.


"GoodGym provides me with a supportive platform. It has an 'I can do' culture. Exercise and running is new to me. I'd never have thought I could run a lap around a park, let alone run a marathon. There is room for everyone to "fit" in at GoodGym. GoodGymers come from different backgrounds and are different shapes, sizes, ages and have different interests and fitness levels." - Nurjehan

Doing good

It's been proven that doing good makes us feel good too, so it's only natural that GoodGymers are drawn to the win-win effect of gaining those good deeds. What's the most impressive is when our community comes together to do good at large. We can truly see our impact on our communities around us and find that all important drive to keep going.

For example, since March 2020, we have handled a staggering 15,659 mission requests to provide support for older people. And we just keep going!

Kash tells us about the benefits of giving back to her local community.


"I love GoodGym for its volunteering aspect. I want to become a better person and give something back to the world but I am not ready to commit to anything that has to be done on a regular basis. GoodGym gives me the flexibility I need and also an excuse to keep moving. I have a sedentary job and, while I exercise daily, with GoodGym I can do physical activities that serve a good cause." - Kash


Another reason for joining GoodGym is the social aspect. We like to think that GoodGym attracts some quite amazing, like-minded, passionate people and it only makes sense that word of mouth is a huge booster for our community growth. Joining other GoodGymers on tasks could be the only social activity for someone in their week or for others it could be a safe space to feel like themselves.

We talked to Ritsu, a GoodGymer born in Japan about how community has helped restore a bit of faith in humanity as well as the benefits of meeting fellow immigrants.


"I can get to believe so many people are nice in the world even though there are a lot of bad news these days. I’m an immigrant from Japan. The shape of loneliness might be different between local British and immigrants but I’m relieved when I talk to immigrant GoodGymers." - Ritsu


The ONS re-confirmed in June that a quarter of UK adults are still "always or often lonely"and whilst there is still a stigma attached to this, GoodGym offers an inclusive and inviting space for GoodGymers to come find some company whilst they do some good.

Nurjehan is as passionate as we are about promoting the benefits of GoodGym to help combat feelings of loneliness.


"The stats are no surprise to me. The digital age brings a virtual connection but not an emotional connection. GoodGym can fulfil some parts of this. The flexible nature of GoodGym allows for socialising and helps to feel less isolated." - Nurjehan

Want to join us?

We know that signing up to something like GoodGym can feel a little daunting, so we asked the GoodGymers one last question... "what would you tell someone who is thinking of signing up?"

"Don't overthink it. Just sign up. It will be fun, I promise! There are plenty of people that might feel as lonely as you do and they are waiting for your help." - Kash

"GoodGym is not what you think. It's not a gym as such and you certainly don't have to be an Olympic athlete to be a member of GoodGym. It's a community of volunteers, who simply want to GIVE BACK. It's a voluntary organisation that is flexible in nature. GoodGymers support you emotionally and socially. I'd definitely say "Come check out GoodGym for yourself!" - Nurjehan

Why not sign up now? Simply click here to get started. We're waiting to welcome you.

Have your own GoodGym story to share with the community? Email getinvolved@goodgym.org and we'll be in touch.
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