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Helping TAWS during the pandemic

June 02, 2020

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Whilst the pandemic has been affecting the way we socialise and interact with others, GoodGym has been collaborating with key charities to help those most in need. This month we are sharing how we are working together.

In Birmingham, The Active Wellbeing Society is a community benefit society established to enable people and communities to get active together. We are grounded in the communities where inequalities are at their highest and work with them to develop the autonomy, capacity and resources needed to become happier and healthier.

TAW’s also runs a campaign called #BrumTogether, a coalition of voluntary, community and faith groups, for essential supplies and support. The network includes partner organisations working together to provide those most in need with essential support and services. This involves coordinating and delivering food parcels, hot meals, hygiene products, clothing, baby supplies and children’s activity packs to families.

The GoodGym Birmingham community are part of the network that have been working relentlessly to help TAW’s deliver large amounts of food to those in need.

On a recent mission Balal sorted through trolley loads of bags and created new bags full of items such as pasta, milk and tinned sweetcorn.

He said: “It was time to run back home and I saw a fly poster on the way which said "Please believe these days will pass", which put a smile on my face and reminded me that the current situation won't be forever. But it’s amazing all the good work us at GoodGym and others from other organisations have been doing in such a difficult situation.”

Tousif dropped off 28 bags at 14 addresses, and Ben did some deliveries as well, he had 15 bags for 11 houses. The ages of the recipients varied from 23 -93 which shows the range of people in need at the moment and included someone self-isolating at university accommodation.

Delivering food parcels also gives a opportunity to safely speak to those whose are struggling during the pandemic. On a recent mission, Anthony said:

“Meeting people all going through tough times, from a woman with one lung and a husband with cancer, a mother whose son of 8 is in isolation for 12 weeks because of his medical problems, to a mother who's has been told she is to go onto universal credit and now has no money until the end of June. These people are going through all sorts of problems but greatly appreciated the food parcels. Even more, in these times of isolation, they appreciated that I took a few minutes to hear their story before moving on.

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Have your own GoodGym story to share with the community? Email and we'll be in touch.
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