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Celebrating January Challenge 2023

February 01, 2023

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A Celebration of New Year Motivation

With a total of 4230 good deeds and 69,443km in distance, GoodGymers nationwide have made a huge impact in their local communities this New Year.

Surpassing last year's total, healthy competition led the way as the 59 areas entered the challenge via twelve mini leagues, each with targets that, when combined, gave GoodGym the overall aim of 5000 good deeds and the hopes of covering a whopping 100,000km via Strava.

All hands on deck

386167 Great distances were covered during the challenge with km being recorded on the Strava app right up until the last minute. GoodGym Haringey's km figures included a group run which hit the highest points in seven different London boroughs (bottom right).

And the winner is...

In the end it was GoodGym York who won the coveted Golden Trowel Award 🏆 with an amazing 511 good deeds completed. Coming in second was GoodGym Windsor and Maidenhead with 284 good deeds done, with GoodGym Portsmouth not far behind at 255.

386166 Highlights of GoodGym York's month of good deeds

Congratulations GoodGym York! 🎉

A whole lotta Good Deeds!

Throughout the month of January, GoodGym areas across the UK held many great sessions that helped a variety of local organizations and isolated older people. These sessions brought us all together, including the central team, to accomplish various tasks in support of others.


Eight Goodgymers went to the Coventry Resource Centre for the Blind to run with Chris and Claire as they took on the challenge of running 250km during January.


The GoodGym January Challenge 2023 was a testament to the power of community and the impact that individuals can have when they come together for a common goal. GoodGymer's have proved time and time again that by combining exercise with doing good, we can not only improve our own physical and mental health, but also make a difference in the lives of others.

386169 Many local projects were supported including local services like foodbanks, as modelled here by GoodGym Ealing.

Welcome to GoodGym

January saw so many newcomers to the GoodGym community and it's been great to check in with them to see how they've found their first few sessions.

Audrey, GoodGym Haringey, said "I've been running and volunteering almost every week, it's been so rewarding and great to keep fit!"

Alistair, GoodGym York said, "I've found people very friendly and lovely. It's such a good cause, you know, with the good deeds and everything. I'm not a runner myself, but I do walk and cycle to the tasks. It's a fantastic community and it's great to be part of it."

Congratulations and well done to every January Challenger for their hard work and dedication during this year's challenge. The tasks that they have attended in their local communities will have no doubt made a huge impact and their efforts will continue to inspire others to join in the GoodGym mission of doing good and getting fit.

From the number of good deeds, to the friendships, the wellbeing boosts and the km covered, the GoodGym January Challenge 2023 was a remarkable success in lots of ways and is a celebration of the hard work GoodGymers, Area Activators and TaskForce continually do for their local areas. Your dedication and positive attitudes have inspired others and have shown that together, we can make a real difference in our communities.

What a way to start the year! Well done to everyone. 🎉

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Have your own GoodGym story to share with the community? Email and we'll be in touch.
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