Sure-fire shindig connects all the dots after uncertainty

Unstoppable Shindig returns for 2021

August 18, 2021

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While options were limited to get together in person, GoodGym Shindig, our annual get together, was unstoppable in its power to unite all and get the new phase of GoodGym firing on all cylinders across the country.

Our annual Shindig followed similar patterns and expectations of attendees and the serious stuff was seamlessly weaved between heaps of fun and movement. Starting the weekend with virtual drinks was a great way to ensure we were all loosened up and raring to go in the same way we would have in ‘real life’. Wonderful recipes for cocktails (‘do good’) and mocktails (‘get fit’) were created by Chi and shared before Allan (GG Coventry) and Jonny (GG Lewisham) got cracking with a quiz that got our brains into gear for the weekend ahead.


Super Saturday incoming

There were no bad heads on show (the beauty of Zoom, eh?) for the kickstart to the weekend as Saturday was off to a flying start with a warm up, yoga and core workout led by Kate (Trafford) Paul (Barnet) and Jonny (Birmingham).

This way to endless positivity

Julia and Ema got the afternoon flowing before Ivo presented the big update, looking at our key areas of promoting fitness, supporting the task force and inclusion and diversity. There’s always a real buzz around these areas and discussion was positive as we look ahead to building a future that’s more accessible and bigger than ever. We also welcomed guest speaker Katee Hui from Hackney Laces, an expert in movement with social impact which inspired us even more - we were buzzing with ideas after her chat.


The serious stuff

While the close of Shindig was the ‘serious stuff’ from finance and member donations to website and tech, we ended the day with a lively discussion about how to welcome and retain new members to GoodGym. Here's a (very) brief summary of what was discussed:

  • Finances and sustainability: The key goal is to continue to move away from grants and instead strengthen public sector funding and brand partnerships. Currently a third of members donate. Discussion on solutions took place including an update on the which has already started to work to ask those who are currently not donating and come to the sessions often to ask if their cirmumstances have changed would like to donate, if they can afford to.

  • Welcoming new members: Tech and people solutions were explored including an introduction video on the website and creating a buddy scheme in each area for a more personal touch.

  • Fitness as central to GoodGym We talked about how to get the most out of active travel to tasks and ensuring all have some level of activity before or after. We are aware that as well as giving a physical and mental boost to our members, active travel is more sustainable and reduces impact on the planet. GoodGym is always inclusive, and our fitness activities always aim to reflect that.

  • Supporting TaskForce included what good support looks and feels like, how best to communicate with TaskForces. There was a suggestion that a buddy-up system may help across GoodGym areas.

  • Inclusion and diversity This discussion raised the valuable issues around how we best include everyone at GoodGym. We talked about representing diversity in our activities, our staffing, our roles such as TaskForce and in our reach, ensuring that we don't exclude those with limited or no access to technology too. Working with communities takes trust, time and mutual respect and we can do this when we work together.

There’s a new phase coming, and it’s more ‘good’ than ever.


With huge thanks to all who presented, attended and made Shindig 2021 one to remember.

Have your own GoodGym story to share with the community? Email and we'll be in touch.
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