Super Saturday - The biggest day of community missions ever

What better way to mark 10 years of GoodGym?

August 30, 2019

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GoodGym Olympics hero, organiser of races against horses and making the mission impossible well, possible. We chat to Tom Benson about why he's helping to organise the biggest day of community missions ever on what we're calling #GGSuperSaturday on 21st September 2019.

I wanted to create our very own GoodGym Super Saturday by having the most community missions ever done in a day. It’s not every day GoodGym turns 10 so I wanted to aim high and thought it would be amazing if we could organise a community mission in every area on the same day. Therefore all over the country GoodGym members will be getting involved in their local community and helping out in unison!

Think of it like a national flash mob but in a GoodGym way!

Everyone who takes part in the Super Saturday community mission day will also get a special GoodGym Badge on their profile

Although I've come up with the idea, to make this happen it'll be all hands on deck from our amazing community in arranging as many events as possible. The dream is to have one community mission happening in every area however some may like to shoot for the stars and have multiple missions throughout the day.

It’s a big ask so massive thanks to anyone who gets involved!

Here's a list of Tom's top hints and tips on finding a community mission task:

  • Organising a parkrun takeover - Contact you local parkrun and ask if you can coordinate all the volunteer roles on Saturday 21st September. There was a great one at Gunnersbury in the new year and another at Fulham Palace in June too, check them out for inspiration.
  • If that's not possible why not just arrange a litter pick in a local park? If you do it straight after parkrun you may even get lots of new takers from all the runners that will be in the park anyway! Ask the parkrun team if you can do a shout out before the run starts.
  • Contact some small local charities - Maybe some charity shops could use some help sorting donations, lots of these options aren't available on a weeknight during the usual group run times so might welcome the help on a weekend.
  • Local schools - Ask if you can have access to tidy the playground or paint some railings? It's a simple job that can make a difference for the kids when they come back to school on Monday morning.
  • Community Gardens or Allotments - There's always tons to be done in these spaces and as leaves are starting to fall there may be lots of opportunities to help out!
  • Housing Associations - These often have communal gardens that might need a helping hand.
  • Libraries - Our libraries are massively understaffed and could often do with the extra help, they also have lots of other useful community resources you can utilise.
  • Events - Can you help set up or lend a hand at a local event? There's often community fairs or local school fetes going on.

Super Saturday Spreadsheet

To keep track of all the good stuff we've made a super spreadsheet for everyone to add to.

Have a look through for some inspiration from other areas and see all that good building up!

To connect all the GoodGymers and amazing stuff across the country we'll be using the special hashtag #GGSuperSaturday - Check it out on social media and watch the good stuff pile in!

Nice one,


If any one needs a hand or has any questions about the day they should contact Tom -

Have your own GoodGym story to share with the community? Email and we'll be in touch.
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