Streaks are changing

Changes to how the GoodGym website records streaks

July 26, 2023

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Towards the end of August, streaks are restarting to better reflect the way sessions operate:

  • Streaks will start again from 1st September
  • Do a good deed in August to ensure you keep your streak

Below Ed Field, Head of Growth and Partnerships, explains more about what the changes are and how they might affect your GoodGym profile.

What are streaks?

On the GoodGym website, streaks are gained by any GoodGymer who does at least one good deed over consecutive months. For example, a GoodGymer who attends a group run at least once a calendar month, for 5 consecutive calendar months would be on a 5 month group run streak. If that GoodGymer were to not attend anything in the 6th month, their streak would be reset.

There are currently 3 types of streaks:

  • Group run streaks: These are acquired by people attending consecutive monthly group runs.
  • Mission streaks: These are acquired by people attending consecutive missions or community missions.
  • Coach visit streaks: These are acquired by people logging a monthly visit to see their coach.

Streaks are shown on a GoodGymers public profile page.


Why are they changing?

There are 2 reasons they are changing:

  1. During the pandemic we paused the streaks function and kept existing streaks safe so that lapses in attendance did not result in people losing their streaks. This was done due to the social restrictions in place and that many areas had limited sessions happening. Now that restrictions have been lifted for over a year and GoodGym activities are fully resumed it seems an appropriate time to revert back to how they previously operated.

  2. Prior to the pandemic, any good deed done on a community mission would contribute towards a mission streak. Given that community missions are tasks for community groups similar to group runs it seemed logical to move these into a new category called group session streaks.


How are they changing?

There will be two changes to how streaks operate:

  1. Streaks will be ‘unfrozen’ meaning that lapses in attendance will result in people losing their streaks.

  2. Attendances on community missions will now contribute towards group sessions streaks, alongside attendance on group runs. Mission streaks will take into account attendances on missions and social visits only.

There will be no change in coach visits streaks for GoodGymers who are paired with a coach.


When will this happen?

The changes are set to go live on the GoodGym website the week commencing 28th August so that streaks are impacted from 1st September.

These changes will be applied retrospectively taking into account attendances over the last few years. This means a streak that is currently being kept safe due to them being paused will be broken if that person does not complete a good deed in August, and that group sessions streaks may increase as months that had been missed from not attending group runs were filled by attending community missions instead.

To keep your streak safe you will be required to do a good deed in the month of August.

If you have any questions about streaks or the changes outlined above please contact

Have your own GoodGym story to share with the community? Email and we'll be in touch.
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