Simply having a GoodGym Christmas time

Get involved to bring extra Christmas cheer

December 09, 2021

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This time last year we were all wishing for normality and special times with close friends and family. Fast forward to December 2021 and we are preparing for something a little more ordinary as we get set for the festive season. It's a great time to give back to the people and places that need your Christmas spirit.

Despite the pandemic and restrictions at the end of last year, GoodGym still managed to keep going. GoodGym Oxford kept moving long after Santa went back to the North Pole by delivering Christmas lunch, supporting a community Christmas meal and stocking the local food bank with Mutual Aid while in Slough, Manjit made a call to an isolated older person.

Whether you're a long-time GoodGym member or looking for the perfect time to reconnect, Christmas can be a great time to get involved. You might find yourself with more time available, or you may wish to give a money-can't-buy gift to an organisation to raise your Christmas spirits at the same time.

Getting involved in either a one-off activity or as a long-term commitment can benefit you as much as those around you, and could there be a better time to do good and feel great?

If you're already part of GoodGym, you will know the benefits of combining exercise with good deeds in your community, especially during the winter months when motivation can be lacking. At Christmas that's also true, as we have seen in active communities in our GoodGym areas already listing Happenings for the Christmas season.

Being part of GoodGym can:

  • Connect you to community

  • Help to decrease stress and anxiety

  • Introduce you to new friends, groups and organisations

  • Show you places in your local area you wouldn't ordinarily explore

  • Give you routine

  • Teach you new skills

  • Improve happiness


GoodGym doesn't close over Christmas. Several areas already have good things planned including at GoodGym Birmingham where there's the opportunity to do some volunteering at parkrun - including the tremendous pun 'ho ho hi vis'.

If you'd prefer a later start, GoodGym Ealing are supporting the Ealing Christmas Dinner from 12pm.

We are expecting many more opportunties to appear on the listings in the next few weeks as requests for tasks continue to fly in for both group sessions and older people missions. There is likely to be a broader range of tasks during the Christmas season such as serving lunches, stocking emergency food banks, supporting older people to go home from hospital through moving furniture and preparing school grounds and gardens for reopening. We can't wait to see what you have planned for the holiday season!

Do you have a task for your local GoodGym area? Get in touch to meet your perfect Christmas match.


Have your own GoodGym story to share with the community? Email and we'll be in touch.
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