Sean Coxhead Inspiring Individual Award WINNER 2021

2021 GoodGym award winner announced

January 14, 2022

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The winner of the 2021 Sean Coxhead Inspiring Individual award is Elizabeth Halford from GoodGym Norwich.

The Inspiring Individual award is given annually in celebration of the amazing Sean Coxhead who inspired all of us with his outstanding courage, determination and commitment to GoodGym and his community. You can read all about the award and what it means to us at GoodGym in this story.

The GoodGym community is full of amazing people, so it's no surprise that it was a very difficult choice as always this year to pick just one recipient of the award. Thankfully the decision wasn't down to us, and we handed the responsibility over to three amazing people: Rhia Docherty, Individual Giving and Communications manager at The Big Issue; Kerrie Alderidge, fundraising and campaigner for inclusive sport; and Born Barikor, the founder of the brilliant Our Parks.

This year's winner Elizabeth was chosen because of her outstanding contribution to their GoodGym community and beyond, with the award judged on four criteria:

  • Impact

  • Dedication

  • Overcoming adversity

  • Kindness

Elizabeth said: "I feel extremely humbled and honoured to have been nominated let alone actually winning. A big thank you to the judges for choosing me. To my wonderful GoodGym Norwich family, who inspire me every day, who felt I was worthy enough to be considered for doing something I love, thank you I couldn’t do it without you, or my Catton parkrun family"


Elizabeth started her GoodGym journey in September 2017, having channeled the grief of losing her daughter Jayne into running and supporting others. Rob, a fellow GoodGymer who nominated Elizabeth, highlighted how she is easily recognisable in the GoodGym community as a real cheerleader, supporting her grandchildren first and foremost then spreading that 'Mother Hen' spirit to all who need it. She can always be found helping others to get organised at tasks, making sure they have everything they need and even reminding them to get to bed if they stay up too late chatting on the GoodGym WhatsApp chat!

Kerrie said: "Elizabeth demonstrates how in the face of great personal tragedy your love, kindness and passion can shine through. Her character and family spirit came to life from the page and her fellow GoodGymers affectionately call Elizabeth their “Mother Hen”. Elizabeth has undertaken many GoodGym missions and gives a lot of her time - Elizabeth is a worthy winner who shows that you can make a difference"

As well as being a dependable member of the GoodGym Norwich Task Force, particularly in welcoming newcomers, writing the lion's share of run reports (over 140 at last count) and ensuring registers are completed, Elizabeth is also known in the group as the GoodGym Norwich 'Keeper of Records', always ready to celebrate a milestone within the group to make sure no good deed goes unnoticed.

Elizabeth demonstrates her commitment to supporting her wider community as much as her GoodGym community, and responds to a variety of calls whether it's to marshal at races, cook food for the homeless or get her hands dirty picking litter in the local woods. Elizabeth can always be found helping out.

Elizabeth's investment to GoodGym is indeed huge - she has so far completed 386 good deeds

Born said “Elizabeth really demonstrates that helping others is a vital part of community and building safe thriving environments. Elizabeth you are truly inspirational giving the most value gift of time and warmth on so many GoodGym missions.”

Rhia said: "Elizabeth epitomises what GoodGym is all about. She knows that getting fit might be what gets you to us, but what makes you stay is the community and the change you see is possible. Not only has she gone above and beyond with her own good deeds but is a personal cheer squad for all of Norwich GoodGym. Elizabeth is evidence that even out of the hardest times, great things can happen. Not only does her daughter’s memory live on through her amazing efforts, but she is also inspiring her grandchildren as well as everyone she reaches in the GoodGym community."


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