Sean Coxhead Inspiring Individual Award 2021

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December 03, 2021

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Since joining GoodGym in 2017 Sean Coxhead was a key member of the community. He completed a variety of good deeds including shifting earth at a local allotment, helping out at a primary school and painting walls for a charity that supports vulnerable people.

Sean Coxhead was a big part of the GoodGym community and sadly passed away in September 2019, 15 months after his diagnosis of bladder cancer. Sean completed the Yorkshire Marathon supported by members of GoodGym York who helped him to the finish line in a wheelchair, raising more than £21,000 for charity. It's moments like that, that make Sean and the GoodGym community unforgettable.

In recognition of how he has inspired us, we award the Inspiring Individual Award to a different GoodGymer every year, in Sean’s name. The Sean Coxhead Inspiring Individual Award recognises individuals in the GoodGym community who have demonstrated extraordinary dedication, kindness or effort in supporting their community and fellow GoodGymers.

In a difficult few years for many people, we have seen people and communities come together to support and inspire one another in ways that have blown us away with kindness. There are so many stand-out stories of GoodGym members and groups that have really stood out during an extremely challenging time. The spirit of GoodGym inspires all of us, and there are so many stories to tell, but we are asking you to tell just one.

The winner of the award last year was the amazing CJ Jessop.

Please use this form to make a nomination for someone you feel deserves recognition.

Some guidance for your nomination:

  • Please use as specific examples as possible throughout your answers and give as much detail as possible.
  • Each person can only make one nomination.
  • This award is about activity during 2021 so please only include information about your nominees activity during this year.
  • Please try to give as detailed answers as possible. The word count for each entry is 250 words.

Nominations close on Monday 6th of December.

Have your own GoodGym story to share with the community? Email and we'll be in touch.
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