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Winter racing news

January 22, 2018

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Race Team Report:

A bumper edition covering both November and December

November for myself was bookended by a marathon and an ultra in Portishead and Barcelona respectivley, with my final race of the year being the Bovington Marathon in December - my self-talk at the end of the race was not good! The first quarter of 2018 I have focused on the shorter distances!

As the chill has very much set in, true to form this is not stopping #RedThunder team members from pounding the road or a softer ground to get their Race fix. In November we even went global by Ben Parks and Sarah Place both running the Valencia Marathon. Tower Hamlets Alex Eggs got in on the international act by taking part in the New York Marathon and (to quote Tom Benson) Matt Garnett took his Ultra running aboard, this time running far too many miles around Barcelona.

Closer to home, the winter is the XC season and the Race Team tore up the Met League with some great running in Welwyn Garden City; with Alice from Bristol going even more extreme in the cross country feel by taking part in the very non-flat Gower Half Marathon. Further north Leeds Abbey dash had a distinct red colouring to it with a number of members taking part. The Race Team did ever so well at the lovely locally organised race, the Bass Bell 10 mile. Base layers were required as was a celebratory pint once finished.

Everyone has been to parkrun, I don't really know where to start, to describe the plethora of places visted and milestones achieved. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

In December the XC Race team travelled on mass to take part in the Met Leagues meet at Uxbridge, a cracking course awaited the runners, it had everything you would want from a cross country race, field, hills, mud, sprint finishes and even a river crossing. Full team for both the gents and ladies ensured #RedThunder was present and accounted for.

A post shared by Frances Powrie (@francespowrie) on Jan 13, 2018 at 8:10am PST

Lovely to see so many members taking part in Christmas themed races, with santa dashes type races being completed and even though Regents Park 10km wasn’t meant to be festive, a layer of snow greeted all the runners.

Look at the bottom of the page for all the races we have been doing and the tables of fame.

Just a quick reminder if you want a shout our here is what you can do:

**For your runs to appear on the feed make sure that when your run is uploaded to Strava to tag is a 'Race' .

If you want you run to be recognised as a Personal Best/Record (PB), you have to add #PB to the description of the run.

Next Races:


Well end of Jan - A band of merry Race Team runners are heading to the Brighton seaside for a day of XCountry fun. The southern championships are happening and I’m sure even if we don’t bag 1st place we will be the best cheerers.

We are quite light on other races in Feb aside from the last of the XC met league , but I think we are all training for the Spring races


March in GoodGym is clearly a time for Half Marathons -

With the main headline event: The first of our Big Six events the Colchester Half. There are still places to join us.

As support warm up acts: We have the Big Half in London, which will have loads of us there so go down and cheer event if you are not running.

And the Bath Half in err Bath - cue running bath puns

So hope the training is going well.

Parish Notices

Race Calender Happy New Year all, I hope you have started to think about Races this year, and to help the awesome folk in GoodGym Central have produced a link so that you can sync the Race Events on the GG Website to your own phone/laptop calenders so you can see who is racing where and plan a few GoodGym meet-ups.

How? Sync all upcoming race in Google calendar by copying the following link, then add calendar from url: (webcal://www.goodgym.org/api/calendars/races.ics)

Photo Competition - get your pic in the banner We have decided to launch a photo competition for the best race photo each month, so if you have a photo of you being awesome please share it with us and we will include it in the next newsletter, or even on the Race Team page on the GoodGym Website.

Renewals The UKA calender runs from April to March, this means we will shortly be sending out renewal notices, and the cost of EA membership has increased to £15 so the price of GG Race Team membership will need to rise accordingly. So you should get an email in your inbox soon, explaining what it means for you.

Also any new members who join between now and March will get next years membership early, and the rest of 2018 season included, so go and encourage new team members to join.

New Badges Some of you may have noticed some new badges being awarded to Ultra runners, and also to Mental Health Ambassadors and VI guide runners. If you haven't seen them already, go and see if you can find them!

We are keen to support more runners earning all of the badges, but note England Athletics have paused the MHA programme till April.

VMLM results

Race Annex


Name Distance Race
Sam Needham 5km National Cross Country Relays, Mansfield
Chris Burns 10km Regents Park 10k
Aron Hinds 10km Leeds Abbey Dash
Becky Moylett 10km Leeds Abbey Dash
Leanne Allsopp 10km Leeds Abbey Dash
Matt Garnett Marathon Gordano Round Marathon
Gareth Grey Marathon New York Marathon
Alex Eggs Marathon New York Marathon
Remy Maisel Half Marathon Lancaster Half Marathon
Paul Widdowfield 10km Rockingham Speedway 10k
Melanie Young 10km Severn Bridge Night 5
Paul Bown 5km Finsbury Park Parkrun
Sam Needham 5km Hillbrough Parkrun
Clo (Bristol) 10km Aspire race
Alice (Bristol) Half Marathon Gower Trail Half
Frances Powrie XC Met League
Steve Coman XC Met League
Ax Man XC Met League
Paul Bown XC Met League
Patrick Sinclair XC Met League
Stephen Corry XC Met League
Sharon Prince 7 km Nuclear Fallout 2017
Ben Parkes Marathon Ravenna Marathon
Chris Burns Half Marathon Grand Union Canal Half Marathon
Nick Griffin 10km Dalby Dash
Simon Fitzmaurice 5 Mile Thames Hare & Hounds Second Sunday 5 miles
Matt (Greenwhich) Marathon Day 3/3 - Marathon 3/3
Stephen Gilmer 10km Belfast Run in the Dark
Melanie Young 5km Eastville Parkrun
Matt Garnett 5km Eastville Parkrun
Ben Parkes Marathon Valencia Marathon
Sarah Place Marathon Valencia Marathon
Simon Fitzmaurice Half Marathon St Neots Half
Sam Needham XC SY XC 3 - Penistone
Jack Concanon 10km Inter financial xs @ Richmond park
Matt Garnett Ultra Barcelona Trail Race
John Shirley 5km Mile End Parkrun
Paul Bown 5km Mile End Parkrun
Vic (Lewisham) 5km Parkrun
Simon Fitzmaurice 5km Gladstone Parkrun
Remy Maisel Half Marathon Richmond Park Half Marathon
Sam Needham Half Marathon Clowne Half Marathon.
John Shirley 10 mile Bass Bell 10 mile
Matt (Greenwhich) 10km Greenwhich Park 10km
Tracey (Tower Hamlets 10 mile Bass Bell 10 mile
Sarah Moore 10 mile Bass Bell 10 mile
Graham Atkins 10 mile Bass Bell 10 mile
Hass 10 mile Bass Bell 10 mile


Name Distance Race
Jack Munn Ultra CTS Dorset
James Holt Ultra CTS Dorset
Paul Bown 5km Highbury Fields Parkrun
William Dowsett XC Met League Uxbridge
James Gilbert XC Met League Uxbridge
Graham Atlins XC Met League Uxbridge
Tom Benson XC Met League Uxbridge
Chris Burns 10km Regents Park 10km
John Shirley 10km Regents Park 10km
Mike Jones 10Km Percy Pud
Jack Concanon 10km Santa Dash
Ellen Perry 5km Santa Dash
Matt Garnett 8.2km Mallard Pike Night Race
Matt Garnett 5km Mile End Parkrun
Will French 5km Great Lines Parkrun
Paul Bown 10km Regents Park 10km
Christopher O'Driscoll 10km Regents Park 10km
James Gilbert 10km Regents Park 10km
Simon Fitzmaurice 10km Regents Park 10km
Matt Garnett Marathon Bovington Marathon
Vic (Lewisham) 5km Parkrun
David Guest 11km Weston Xmas Cracker
Melanie Young 10km Westonbirt Christmas Cracker
Matt Garnett 5km Thornbury Parkrun
Vic (Lewisham) 5km Hilly Fields Parkrun
Paul Widdowfield 5km Parkrun
Simon Fitzmaurice 5km Oxford Parkrun
Jack Concanon 5km York Parkrun
Matt Garnett 5km Huntingdon Parkrun
Conroy Barnett 5km LFOTM 5K
Matt Garnett 5km Eastville parkrun
Melanie Young 10km Westonbirt House Christmas 10K
Ivo Gormley 5km Kings Lynne parkrun

Nice one Runners.

(Thanks Tom Benson for your help in writing this bulletin)

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