New fitness feature gets Community Missions moving

More fitness options for GoodGym sessions

September 06, 2021

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GROUP RUNS have always provided a fitness element, not just through the group fitness session but in the run and walk to task. This has always given us the chance to be social while we move, be sustainable in our travel to tasks, and explore areas in ways that we wouldn't by car or public transport.

Since the huge growth in community missions we've been thinking about how we can make fitness central to these sessions too. Through workshops and discussions last year we heard that members would like an improved fitness offer at community missions, with suggestions including the option to meet at the task or join others to travel together, adding fitness pledges to the sign up process for a session and having set workouts on the website can be downloaded and used by participants.

We felt the best option with the biggest impact would be to introduce a way to meet others to run, walk or cycle together to a community mission. A new feature which allows just that has now been added to the website.


TaskForce, run leaders and area activators can now add a group fitness activity to any community mission listing. Each group fitness activity will have a set meeting point and a time to meet, with people meeting to either run, walk or cycle to the community mission task together. The process is simple and allows for more fitness and socialising time at community missions. Look out for the group fitness activities next time you sign up to a community mission.

Anyone interested in leading some of these social walks, runs or cycles then you can sign up to be a TaskForce member here, provided they have completed 10 good deeds.

Have your own GoodGym story to share with the community? Email and we'll be in touch.
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