The GoodGym January Challenge 2023

Make the most out of your January

January 03, 2023

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2023 is finally here so that can only mean thing: it’s time for the GoodGym January challenge. What’s it all about? Here we look at how it works and how you can get involved in supporting your area.

Every January, we challenge ourselves to run, walk and cycle as far as we can and to complete as many good deeds as possible. In January 2022 we managed a huge 4173 good deeds and travelled over 85,000km, and this year we’ve got even bigger targets in mind.

This year we're aiming for a whopping 5,000 good deeds and 10,000km


Alongside our national target there are a series of mini leagues where areas will be in friendly competition with each other to do the most deeds and travel the furthest. The area with the most good deeds at the end of the month will win the coveted Golden Trowel award. There will also be additional prizes along the way.

How do I get involved?

You'll be automatically placed into your area's team, you do not need to anything. Simply do as many good deeds as you possibly can throughout the month. You can find sessions to sign up to on the sessions page.

How do I get good deeds for my area

Any sessions you attend in the month of January will count towards the good deeds for your area, and our national target. You will gain a good deed for your area no matter where the deed takes place. So a member of GoodGym Worthing can do a session in Brighton and the deed will be given to Worthing. Also, deeds completed by non-members do count. Get new GoodGymers to your area in January and their good deed will count towards your total.


How do I add my distance?

In order to get your runs, walks and cycles counting toward the distance target you'll need to connect an app called Strava to your GoodGym account. Strava is a free fitness tracking app available on both Android and Apple. Simpy download the app to your phone and then connect it to your GoodGym account here.

Each time you go out for a run, walk or cycle start the app on your phone and log your journey. Strava also connects to most running watches and wearable fitness trackers.

Let's see your impact

It's great seeing the impact of our work on social media and this year we want to see your before and after photos showing what a huge difference your task has made. Remember to take a photo when you arrive at your task and another when you're about to leave. Share these photos on social media with the hashtags #DoGoodGetFit and #RunforGood.


Get involved:

Have your own GoodGym story to share with the community? Email and we'll be in touch.
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