GoodGym X Pride Community

How amazing things happen when communities collide

June 22, 2022

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This year's Pride month has given us lots to be grateful for... Pride events to take part in around the country, LGBTQIA+ organisation partnership runs, LGBT celebrated tasks and no doubt many more friendships made. We spoke to Harry, GoodGymer from the Portsmouth area, about how they discovered GoodGym and their experience as they became more and more part of the GoodGym community.

Hi my name is Harry (they/them) #nonbinaryinmyfinery

I first started GoodGym in March 2021, when I was volunteering for another volunteer platform at my local vaccination clinic, COVID-19. I was introduced by a GoodGymer that day and they had told me about GoodGym, they seemed friendly and felt they had good vibes.

I then registered and signed up to some good deeds. I am not a runner or into fitness massively, but I love to cycle and do something good.


I then was invited to WhatsApp group chat. I came out to the group because I wanted to be open and authentic in the group. I felt safe to and ready to after a week or two.

As soon as I sent the message, another person in the group pinged and said they felt the same but never spoken about it in the chat. Positive conversations started and we all connected, there were questions also everyone was being educated. Everyone is learning.


I even went to Portsmouth Pride 2022 this year, and I was marching with the teachers as I am an educator, I saw GoodGymers cheering along the parade, gave me a fuzzy vibe in my tummy as I am proud to be part of that group.


The group cheer each other online or physically, it gives you a boost and feel valid in what you do. The encouragement makes you feel like you exist as a human.

Thank you for listening to my story.

If you are thinking of joining GoodGym, it is an inclusive safe space.


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