GoodGym Shindig report

we went to the peak district to talk about GoodGym

August 14, 2017

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75 GoodGym runners assembled at Ilam Hall in the Peak district to talk all things GoodGym.

There were discussions, hammering nails into wood, running, walking and a marathon quiz. Huge thanks to John Hunter for facilitation and to Ruth Taylor and Ed Field for organising, to Pritesh Mistry for the quiz and to all the facilitators and scribes listed below.

We assembled on Friday night and all wrote out the issues we wanted to talk about. The topics for discussion were whittled down to:

  • How do we make group runs work for everyone?
  • What can a coach run be? Gillian Kerr, Dom Tooze
  • How should we at GG communicate with each other? Phil Nye
  • How do we share experience and knowledge amongst coach runners? David Linares, Katie Welford
  • How do we improve variety amongst tasks? Paul Becker, Emma Parnell
  • How do we get new people visiting coaches sooner? Rebecca Nellis
  • What roles could exist amongst GG runners? Pritesh Mistry, Emma Parnell
  • Finance chat Ivo Gormley, Phil Nye
  • How do we make missions even more betterer for runners? Nina Mehmi
  • What do racers want? Lucy Jeczalik
  • How do we improve diversity within GG? Rodney Nyanhete
  • How do we make the most of the GG hive mind?

Saturday was full of people talking through these subjects . Then we headed out running through the valleys and peaks. After the runs Tom Benson organised nail banging sport hammerschlagen before dinner and Pritesh's epic quiz.

Here's a report of the actions and responses from the GoodGym office.

file The gang on the steps of the Ilam Hall gardens

Good views, good people.

We hammered nails into wood.

file Most of us went for runs on Saturday afternoon.

file Tara is the trainer for GoodGym Brighton

Have your own GoodGym story to share with the community? Email and we'll be in touch.
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