GoodGym Race Team News - Feb & March 2018

February made us shiver, in March the Race Team did deliver.

April 12, 2018

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Hello, hello, hello,

Tom Benson’s report for Feb and March

In February and March the sun didn’t come out but the trainers sure did and how. Februarys and March racers have excelled with PB’s all over the shop even snow couldn't stop #Redthunder.

Half marathons seem to be a popular choice with great showings in the Brighton Half, the Big half, Tropical Thames Meander half and Colchester half to name a few. In February we bid farewell to the XC season with a trip to a very wet Trent Park and the national championship final in Hampstead heath. Hampstead was a glorious day full of mud and trees and Trent Park sounded like it was full of mud, not for the faint hearted that one. I even tried out my new spikes for the final one and although they were grand I still assumed my place amongst the fellas with grey hair. Mo Farah I am not. Trent Park.

Massive shout out to Matt from Greenwich who decided to run 4 marathons in 4 days!!! All I can say is I hope your feet were firmly put up after that adventure, well done, not to mention the other races you did in February and March (9 in total) you have earnt a magnum or two. Big shout out to Paul Bown , Ellen from Cardiff, Clare Griffiths and Matt Garnett for managing 5 in the two months.

Races to come

Marathon season is here, with options on trail, fell and road, so whatever takes your fancy there is a race to suit you.

First and foremost there is the Great Welsh Marathon, the second of our Big Six events and of course we love racing in Wales, but this time there will be no horses or trains to race just a few hundred other runners.

The following week we have the London Marathon and then the following week we have the Yorkshire 3 Peaks race. Good luck and believe in yourself and your training, and if you are not racing I am sure you will support each other both in person and online.

And then in May we have the Overseas trip to Bucharest, Romania – no more need be said, it will be an amazing trip.(see the 2016 - Bucharest photo below)

Additionally some of GoodGym is heading back to the Bath Two Tunnels as we ran last year as a big six event – hope it’s a cooler day than last year!


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Race Reports
Don't forget when you run a race to write a run report. It shares your achievements with the wider world, it can be an opportunity to reflect on what went well and not so well, and it provides a valuable resource of race ideas for next year. You will need to be a taskforce member or trainer to publish it, or send it into the raceteam email and we will put it up for you.

Race Annex

And now my favourite bit looking at all the races people have been achieving this past few months.

Name Distance Race
Brin (Greenwhich) Ultra 77Km Thames trot ultra - crusade through the clay
Polly Skeats-Beswick 5km parkrun
Matt Garnett 5km parkrun
Elliot Corton 12.4km Ranelagh Mob Match
Ax Man 10km Regents Park 10km
James Gilbert 10km Regents Park 10km
Tom Hunter 10km Winter Run
Kim Parker 10km Winter Run
Lici Inge 10km Winter Run
Beth Anton 10km Winter Run
Remy Maisel 10km Winter Run
Jason Cheung 10km Winter Run
Sarah Lee 10km Winter Run
George Bright 10km Winter Run
Matt Garnett MM Kong Mountain Marathon - round 1
Paul Bown 5km parkrun
Clare Griffiths 5km parkrun
Sarah Moore XC Trent Park XC
Polly Skeats-Beswick XC Trent Park XC
Tracey (Tower Hamlets) XC Trent Park XC
Christopher Jeppesen XC Trent Park XC
Conroy (Lewisham) XC Trent Park XC
Paul Bown XC Trent Park XC
Graham Atkins XC Trent Park XC
Steve Coman XC Trent Park XC
Clare Griffiths 5km RunThrough Chase the Moon Olympic Park Valentine's 5k
Matt (Greenwhich) Marathon Marathon 1/4: Phoenix Breakfast Club Marathon
Matt (Greenwhich) Marathon Day 2/4, Marathon 2/4: Phoenix "Greased Lightning"
Matt (Greenwhich) Marathon Day 3/4, Marathon 3/4: Phoenix Jaw Dropper Marathon
Matt (Greenwhich) Marathon Day 4/4, Marathon 4/4: Phoenix Dirty Running Marathon - first place
Christopher O'Driscoll Half Marathon Hampton Court Half Marathon
Paul Bown Half Marathon Half Marathon
Olivia Parker-Scott Half Marathon Half Marathon
Amy Boalch 10km RunThrough Greenwich Park 10k
Ellen (Cardiff) 10km Bath Two Tunnels 10k
Emma Wilkins 10km Bath Two Tunnels 10k
Frances Powrie XC Hampstead Heath XC
Polly Skeats-Beswick XC Hampstead Heath XC
Graham Atkins XC Hampstead Heath XC
Conroy (Lewisham) XC Hampstead Heath XC
Matt Garnett 10km Back to Black night trail race
Gareth Grey Half Marathon Brighton Half
Tom Hunter Half Marathon Brighton Half
Justin Wetters Marathon Tokyo marathon
Nick Griffin 10 mile Snake Lane 10
Becky Moylett 10 mile Snake Lane 10
Leanne Allsopp 10 mile Snake Lane 10
Jack Concanon 10km Victoria Park 10km
Melanie (Norwich) XC Hunny Bell XC
Ellen (Cardiff) Road Race - 12Km Babcary Road Race
Clare Griffiths 5km parkrun
Matt (Greenwhich) Marathon Phoenix "Spring" Marathon -
Will French Half Marathon Big Half
Lucy Jeczalik Half Marathon Big Half
Graham Atkins Half Marathon Big Half
Brin (Greenwhich) Half Marathon Big Half
James Gilbert Half Marathon Big Half
Sarah Place Half Marathon Big Half
Emily McGovern Half Marathon Big Half
Amy Boalch Half Marathon Big Half
Sophie Hedges Half Marathon Big Half
Dave Mansfield Half Marathon Big Half
Damian (Barnet) Half Marathon Big Half
Christopher O'Driscoll Half Marathon Big Half
Aislin Mageean Half Marathon Big Half
Alix Guerber Half Marathon Big Half
Matt (Greenwhich) Half Marathon Big Half
Clare Griffiths Half Marathon Big Half
Katie Welly Half Marathon Big Half
Ellen (Cardiff) 5km parkrun
Clare Griffiths 5km parkrun
Matt Garnett 5km parkrun
Ellen (Cardiff) 5km parkrun
Sarah Moore Half Marathon Tropical Thames Meander half
Matt Garnett 12.8km Tour of Torpantau
Jason Cheung Half Marathon West London Half
Paul Bown 20 mile Lydd 20 Mile
Matt (Greenwhich) 10km RunThrough Olympic Park
Melanie Young 5km parkrun
Sarah Moore 5km parkrun
Matt Garnett 5km parkrun
Matt Garnett 15km Grizzly 2018
Melanie Young 5km parkrun
Matt (Greenwhich) 5km parkrun
Juliet (Lewisham) 15km Greenwich Tough 15k
Paul Bown Half Marathon Colchester half
Graham Atkins Half Marathon Colchester half
Becky Moylett Half Marathon Colchester half
Beth Anton Half Marathon London Landmarks Half!
Frances Powrie Half Marathon London Landmarks Half!
Ellen (Cardiff) 10km Cardiff Bay 10km
Matt (Greenwhich) Half Marathon Victoria Park Half Marathon
Becky Moylett 10 mile Chippenham 10 Mile
Will French 10km Westonbirt 10k
Dave Mansfield 5km parkrun

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