Going for Goals

How to get the most out of your GoodGym experience

September 13, 2021

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At GoodGym we get fit by doing good. We shift earth, we paint, we garden, we deliver, we visit, we pack.

We run, we walk, we cycle, we 'do' fitness. There's so much more to GoodGym, and it's good to remember a whole bunch of features you can access to get even more out it via your profile.

Let's talk goal setting

Why are goals such a great thing? Firstly, accountability drives you, and you're more likely to do something if you have a goal, especially if it's time specific. If you've ever trained for a race, you know how motivational that date on the calendar can be in getting you out to run.

Secondly, goals often carry some kind of reward with them. If we stick with the theme of racing, there's often a medal at the end. At GoodGym, you might be working towards accessing that black "50" tshirt to show your commitment to your community. Rewards are there to help you celebrate, and they feel amazing to achieve.


Having a goal comes with an abundance of mental boost. It can structure your week and motivate you, it can shape your calendar and drive you away from the 'every day' to the 'celebration' as you work towards progressing to a goal, taking joy in the process as you go.

Making use of the goals feature with GoodGym

Finding the Goals section of your GoodGym profile couldn't be easier, just click your profile and it's right there. You'll see some options for your goals and you should know which best suits what you need.

  • Improve speed This is a great goal for those working towards a race, perhaps building back fitness or working towards a Personal Best (PB). Having a speed goal is a personal thing to you, but with the help of a goal you can make sure you're showing up and doing workouts that help to build your pace ready for your chosen event. It's a goal that's all about performance, but there are definite gains to engaging in process on the way.

  • Lose weight While GoodGym isn't a weight-loss tool, improving overall well-being can sometimes bring with it healthier options that lead to losing a few kgs. Having a weight loss goal might just help you to make healthy choices such as eating fewer processed meals or attending a fitness session that might support your healthy weight loss journey.

  • Improve my distance A bit like the speed goal, improving distance can often tie in with a race goal, but often it's for other reasons such as being able to regularly ditch the car or bus and run-commute to work (or GoodGym sessions!). Running that little bit further and having accountability for doing so can allow you to gradually build to running further.

  • Maintain current level of fitness We all know how it feels to be at our fittest, it's something that just clicks and it feels great. There's something about 'feeling fit', whatever that looks like to you, that we want to hang on to. Keeping this as your goal can encourage you to maintain healthy routines with exercise, attending GoodGym sessions or even taking part in regular racing. It's about hanging on to the feel-good factor.

  • Improve my well-being At GoodGym, we know how much movement, socialising and volunteering can tie in to making you feel good about yourself. The 'movement' part alone releases numerous happy hormones that are key to giving us an emotional and mental boost. We like to improve the well-being of everyone at GoodGym by combining movement and doing good things in the places we live and love and we want to help you to keep that going. Having a well-being goal encourages you to keep track of how you're feeling and to check in with yourself if sometimes you're feeling a bit wobbly. We are all here to support each other!

Goal-setting is growing at GoodGym and we'd love to see even more of our members accessing their goals through their individual profiles. Speak to other GoodGym members or your Area Activator for some fun goals, and get going today.

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Have your own GoodGym story to share with the community? Email getinvolved@goodgym.org and we'll be in touch.
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