Insta, TikTok, Twitter V's GoodGym?

November 10, 2021

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"If you're on Twitter, Instagram or TikTok etc my view is no- I don't care that you've got 40,000 followers." says GoodGym Sheffield runner Andrew Waters

"I've got 28 on Twitter and I've never posted anything. 28 random people who don't know me follow me. How sad is that?

But if you're onGoodGym Sheffield, my view is "yes".

At GoodGym, if you think about it carefully, every number if a run, getting some exercise, and it counts even more on a cold and rainy evening!

"Each number is an opportunity to connect with others in GoodGym Sheff - to have a chat, a beer and, maybe some loaded chili nachos.

And each number is an occasion on which you've helped out the local community. Whether it's painting Abbeydale Picture House (with a paint brush with no bristles) or gardening at Lynwood Gardens and sneaking off (Bad Gym) for a pint in the Francis Newton afterwards" comments Andrew.

So - numbers can matter.

GoodGym nationally appreciates that. When you get to 50 runs you get a black GoodGym shirt. When you get to 100 you get a red GoodGym shirt with wings on the back. Everyone has a visual there of your numbers, and what they have added up to.

Andrew told us, when it comes to numbers, GoodGym Sheffield are way ahead of the game! Many GoodGym areas have different ways of celebrating a numerical milestone reached. This is how Sheffield do it:

"If you do 50 good deeds you get a red GoodGym bow tie - which you can keep and use for any sartorial occasion. Well done to Max for getting his this week."

"If you do 100 - or more - we have a GoodGym Sheffield cape with (interchangeable) run numbers on the back - #readitandweepotherGGs!"

GoodGym Sheffield has some epic numbers..Becky now over 600 good deeds! 👏

Steve - obviously concentating on his (GG) wedding to Zof is not far off his 500.💪

James hit 300 good deeds this week 👏👍💪 as well as being the the mainstay of the 'GG Wild Swim group' over lockdown.

Sam Needham is not far off his 300. 👍

Helen, Caroline and Kim have all hit 200 plus over lockdown. Amazing achievement 👏

Sarah Louise, Lucy J and Hannah have hit 150👍

Chris Dyer (now our remotest GG Sheffield member - in Ullapool) has hit 100👍 As have Bee, Zof and Tom H (aka Tom2).

There's a load of people approaching 100 - headed by the amazing percussionist that is Serge. 👍

And Curly Cat is almost at 50💪.

So yes, numbers matter.

What's your GoodGym Magic Number? Does your group have a special way of celebrating a milestone? Hit us up with your favourite photos and stories!

Have your own GoodGym story to share with the community? Email and we'll be in touch.
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