Char Binns

Meet the trainer for GoodGym Liverpool

March 20, 2018


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Char is known for being cheerful to the point of being a little cheesy. By day, she is a freelance project manager, and by eve she will be leading runs for the soon-to-be-launched GoodGym Liverpool.

A keen runner as a kid and avid fan of Sally Gunnell, Char loved cross-country and ‘marathon’ races at sports day. However, these days, she runs because "Running offers a rare space to rest by busy mind. In short, it is good for my body, mind and soul."

Nothing captures the precious headspace running can unlock, like the story Char told us about her most memorable run;

"A few years back, I was travelling around Europe, feeling a bit lost. One sunny January afternoon in Copenhagen, I braved the sub-zero temperatures and headed out towards the beach - a place called Ishøj strand. The lakes around the beach were frozen and the beach was covered in snow and it was a totally magical and rejuvenating experience. A few years later, on another winter's day but during a much happier time in my life, I returned to that place - this time with my wonderful girlfriend - and we ran out to the beach together at sunrise. It was every bit as special as that first time."

While Char has lived and run in lots of different cities, she’s settled in the heart of Liverpool between the Baltic Triangle and Albert Docks. So where do her runs take her?

“My favourite run of slightly over 10km is down the Mersey on Otterspoole Promenade, up through Festival Gardens and up Lake Lane, then skimming Sefton Park, through the top of Princes Park and back home via Toxeth”

With a brilliant charity sector and a lively running scene, Char is convinced that Liverpool is the perfect place for GoodGym and Char can’t wait to get started. She said "Liverpool is very community-orientated; so it is brilliant to be able to offer these amazing organisations a helping hand."

We asked what motivated Char to get out and run, she replied: "The feeling you get on a really good day when you go out and you feel as if you could easily run a PB. You don't get that feeling unless you train regularly."

Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone, if you go running with Char she can pretty much guarantee you’ll hear her say “Team work makes the dream work" each week without fail.

I am passionate about trying to bring a little more joy and fairness into the world (in my own small way) and I really love running. Combining the two gives me a huge buzz and I know that my enthusiasm will be infectious."

You can run with Char every week with GoodGym Liverpool, we meet every Monday at 6:00 pm at the Hope Street Hotel.

You can follow Char @CharBinns and keep up to date with all things GoodGym Liverpool @GoodGymLpool on Twitter

Have your own GoodGym story to share with the community? Email and we'll be in touch.
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