Being TaskForce

What it is and why I love it

May 24, 2021


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Bethan Greenaway decided to join TaskForce to help organise socials after group runs and to help with social media.

She has been a member of GoodGym Oxford since it first started in February 2019.

As more members joined GoodGym Oxford, Bethan has taken ownership of making some tasks and/or particular projects happen.

TaskForce members are runners who help to steer the development of their GoodGym area, organising and supporting sessions to help make them as good as they can be for everyone.

“I have fostered a lovely relationship with one of the local Junior parkruns and a gorgeous allotment project as well” explains Bethan.

“I love being part of TaskForce” she continues.

“It gives a real sense of ownership with tasks and our sessions as a whole.”

Over lockdown, her work continued, and she set up virtual fitness challenges.

She adds: “I enjoy everything about Goodgym. It is, hands down, the best thing that I have joined in recent years. I have made some wonderful friends, discovered parts of Oxford I never even knew existed, and it has introduced me to skills I never knew I had.”

During the start of the first lockdown, Bethan gave birth to her daughter. She recalls: “GoodGym kept me sane during this time.”

“People checked in on me, I was able to take part in virtual tasks and the self-logging of tasks has been as excellent addition to the website.”

She helped organise prescription runs, recorded stories for a charity supporting other and, through TaskForce, helped organise virtual yoga and pilates sessions on Zoom.

“This has really helped me feel less isolated as a new Mum” she adds.

She says being part of GoodGym helped put her own life and struggles into perspective. She explains: “We spent the majority of the recent lockdowns helping a foodbank with food deliveries. We were able to offer real, practical, tangible help during a strange, strange time.”

Being part of GoodGym Oxford is a family affair for Bethan, whose sister Anwen is the Area Activator. “It is Anwen who motivates her” she explains.

“She works tirelessly to organise tasks and find new projects for us to help. She is a constant source of inspiration.”

“Goodgym really is the best.”

Learn more about TaskForce at https://www.goodgym.org/taskforce

Have your own GoodGym story to share with the community? Email getinvolved@goodgym.org and we'll be in touch.
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