Being an Area Activator

Slough Area Activator Manjit Birk talks about how she has her “dream job” and what’s involved.

May 20, 2021


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I’m three years in to working for GoodGym, and my energy is still sky high thanks to the sense of fulfilment I get from it.

This may sound corny but the Area Activator role is actually my dream job. It encompasses my main two passions in life - keeping fit and helping others. When I first saw that GoodGym was coming to Slough, I knew straight away that I wanted to apply for the role. I was already a Run Leader for a Council running group and helped in the community as a School Governor and on the PTA group.

As a mum to three primary school age children, being an Area Activator fits around my family life. My girls love what I do and always proudly tell others that I work for ‘GoodGym’, doing good stuff.

I’m a Sikh and one of our ways of life is around ‘selfless service’ (sewa).

If I achieve nothing else in life, I know I’ve done my sewa and helped others.

The role itself involves getting to know your community. Networking and creating solid foundations within your town and then finding ways that our group can help.

The rest of my time is spent out in the community, either engaging with our GoodGym members or task owners, and attending sessions myself. Setting up the tasks can be really varied. Some are quick and easy ones, others are repeats that once you’ve done once are simple and then you get the ones that require some leg work, some discoveries of parts of the town you never even knew existed. It is those that I really love setting up.

Would I recommend the Area Activator role to others? Absolutely! You can make this role your own and are well supported.

It really does give you that warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you’ve helped someone in your community and helped your members.

We have a great team in Slough and I love seeing them all at either tasks or fitness sessions. I was so proud of how we all adapted over lockdown and am excited for the future.

Have your own GoodGym story to share with the community? Email and we'll be in touch.
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