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Being a Mum AND a runner

Wendy talks family life, the power of GoodGym and being a litter-picking addict

March 31, 2021


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Parenting can be a real juggle, especially during a pandemic.

Here mum-of-two Wendy Rumble and member of GoodGym Windsor and Maidenhead, shares her passion for buggy runs, her fitness journey and how it’s OK not to have it all.

“As a mum, I have always had the mantra that my children can’t be what they can’t see so they know how important moving your body is for your health and wellbeing” explains Wendy.

A regular at her local Parkrun, when Wendy found out that her friend Amy Lovell was setting up GoodGym Windsor and Maidenhead last February, she jumped at the chance to get involved.

She explains: “On my first night we went to a local community centre and cleared their garden. I couldn’t believe that such a huge area had been transformed in 45 minutes. The power of numbers and the potential impact a group could make really hit home to me.”

“GoodGym has helped me get to know more people in my area which adds huge value to my life, making me feel part of the community”

What’s more, she says despite living in an often messy household – she’s discovered a mild addiction to litter picking.

In her spare time, Wendy runs a Facebook community called The Original Buggy Runners. It started in 2015 to encourage more parents in the UK to get out running with their children. “The group is all about sharing knowledge or inspiration to get out when the sleep deprivation makes it feel impossible” she explains. “I honestly believe that having the right buggy could be the key to more parents having the freedom to run without the limitations of childcare. Vitamin D from the outdoors is clinically proven to promote better sleep for babies at night – a tonic all us parents need.” Wendy set up the UK’s first website that specialised in selling buggies suitable for running and although she no longer sells the buggies, it still exists as a source of information at

With added pressures of homeschooling, the past 12 months have been challenging for families.

Wendy has two children, aged 6 and 8. “I drag them out for walks and on their bikes like all the other families in lockdown” she exclaims.

Since having children Wendy has completed several marathons including her goal of running the Boston marathon. But how does she make time for exercise and GoodGym? “Like all parents I get stressed about how to juggle it all and fed up with the enormous task list. It can be exhausting at time, but exercise makes me happy” she says “I have to have it in my life.” She continues: “For me it comes down to priorities - what do you choose to spend your time doing?

Don’t feel guilty for the choices you make, though it is easier said than done.

I’m forever reprioritising what needs to be done and what can wait - and I’m lucky to have a supportive husband.”

GoodGym combines training and socialising for Wendy. “I definitely get my energy from being with others and love to run with friends” she explains. “This is why GoodGym is such a positive group. It combines all the essential elements of exercise, social interaction and doing good for others.”

As Wendy turns 40 this year she said she’s becoming more philosophical: “For most of my adult life I just wanted to be slimmer, chasing a physique that wasn’t my own. Now it is about having the best quality of life I can, taking care of my body so it can last and of course being a nice human being.”

She adds: “Being amazing at everything is all a bit much for me - I’ll settle on being a nice person and see how I get on with that.”

Have your own GoodGym story to share with the community? Email and we'll be in touch.
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