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Come back to GoodGym and let's make 2022 the best year yet

May 05, 2022

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GoodGym, like many fitness communities, saw declines in participation throughout the pandemic. And whilst the number of good deed demands rose, we saw many GoodGymers having to give up their lifeline with us, to help their families and friends heal in other ways. Is it now time to get back on track?

It’s been two years…

Over twenty-four months of waiting…

Over 104 weeks in and out of lockdowns…

Over 730 days of words like Coronavirus, COVID-19, vaccine, booster, lockdown, bubbling…

Priorities have changed. To-do lists look different.

But slowly, we have re-emerged.

And now, perhaps, it’s time you came back to us, and time that you got back to YOU?


As we venture further into 2022, we want to see you back. Our community is waiting for you, for your return.

All round our network, we are starting to truly thrive once more. We have more missions, more amazing people, more important work to be done.

We also have new GoodGymers eager to discover our amazing community… but it’s not the same without YOU here too.

Do it, it might just change your life!


There are many reasons why we've had to fall down the priority list with our GoodGymers. Here are just some of the reasons you've fed back to us...

  • You may be feeling anxious about coming back to social activities
  • Some have had pregnancies and have given birth during the pandemic (congrats btw!)
  • You may have been snowed under with work and/or care needs
  • Some have lost a bit of confidence
  • You may feel they have fallen too far behind on your fitness goals
  • Some have lost loved ones
  • You may have moved house

Whatever the reason, GoodGym would love to see you. The community wants you here again...

Liv, our amazing past Area Activator for the Ealing area says, "I've made friends for life through GoodGym and met so many wonderful people from our community that I wouldn't have otherwise. GoodGym is so much more than exercise and volunteering despite what is says on the tin! The biggest reward for sure though is seeing the happiness it brings to other people, whether it's someone gaining the confidence to start exercising, someone running their first race, a task owners smile after we've smashed through a job they would have otherwise struggled to get done it's all been an absolute joy to be a part of. Do it, it might just change your life!"

Our mission is still the same: ‘do good, get fit’.

We know how much giving to the local community, supporting local projects, joining other GoodGymers on the walks, runs and cycles means to us all.

So, the question is… Are you ready for your triumphant return?


How can I come back?

Easy. Simply log back into your account at and double check you’re still in the right area for you.

Have a look through the happenings page and sign up for a couple of good deeds to get yourself back up and running (pun intended).

We recommend becoming ‘mission verified’ to get the most out of GoodGym, so contact your Area Activator (you can see who this is on your area’s profile) and let them know that you’d like to check out some missions.

Coming back couldn’t be easier.

So, let’s get cracking!

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