GoodGym and Athletic Brewing Company announce partnership

Promoting and celebrating workouts that help environmental projects

July 25, 2023

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GoodGym and Athletic Brewing Company have announced a year-long partnership supporting GoodGym’s work on environmental projects, and to promote hangover free celebrations.

GoodGym and Athletic Brewing Company are inviting people to use their exercise to directly impact the environment this summer by hosting a series of collaborative sessions across the UK. GoodGymers run, walk and cycle hundreds of thousands of kilometres every year as they complete good deeds for community groups and older people, while Athletic Brewing are encouraging a healthier approach to socialising with their range of alcohol-free beers.

Everyone is encouraged to join a session which will involve some running or walking, a good deed for a local community organisation or charity, and the chance to celebrate post-workout with some Athletic Brewing alcohol-free beers. These sessions include:

More GoodGym sessions across 61 areas of the UK can be found here

All sessions are free and open to anyone aged 18 or over.

The wider partnership will encourage an alcohol-free approach to socialising after exercise. Just like GoodGym, Athletic Brewing is on a mission to positively impact people’s health and happiness, while improving local communities and the environment. The partnership will see celebrations of these achievements, along with themed events and activities throughout the next year.


Support will come from Athletic Brewing’s Two For The Trails initiative. Named after their co-founder’s family tradition of taking two beers to toast post-trail adventures, the program is dedicated to protecting the outdoor places we all love. Since launching the program in 2018, Athletic Brewing has donated over $2.6 million to organisations which work to preserve outdoor spaces, and grow the communities which use them.

Ivo Gormley. GoodGym founder and CEO, said:

“It’s great to have the support of Athletic Brewing Co - they get what we’re about and understand that doing tasks that benefit the environment is fun as well as good for us and the world around us. Together we want to raise the profile of workouts that benefit the environment and also to be able to celebrate our successes in a way that is lighthearted and fun. Socialising and having fun is at the heart of GoodGym and it is great to have a partner that understands how all these elements work together.”

Bill Shufelt, Co-Founder and CEO of Athletic Brewing, said:

“We’re proud to team up with GoodGym and help support their ongoing efforts to do good while staying active. Through this partnership, we’ll not only be able to introduce more people to our award-winning brews but also greatly impact these communities and the environment for the better.”


GoodGym is a community of people who get fit by doing good. Covering most urban areas across the UK, the GoodGym community run, walk and cycle to do physical tasks for community projects and to support older people. GoodGym arose out of a frustration with normal gyms being a waste of energy and human potential. So instead, GoodGym supports and encourages adults to combine regular exercise with helping isolated and older people and community projects.

You can find out more here

WHY WE DO IT Over 160,000 community organisations around the UK rely on volunteers to operate. GoodGym group sessions provide practical support for many of these organisations every week and in doing so provide meaningful exercise for thousands of people. Through these sessions, we aim to make maximum positive environmental impact by increasing biodiversity and green spaces.

CONTACT Ed Field, Head of Growth & Partnerships


Athletic Brewing was founded in 2017 by Bill Shufelt and John Walker. It is America’s leading producer of alcohol-free craft beer and launched in the UK in 2021. Athletic has won dozens of prestigious brewing awards. In 2023, Athletic was ranked as the 4th fastest-growing company in the Americas by Financial Times. Athletic was also ranked as the fastest-growing U.S. beverage manufacturer by Inc. Magazine in 2022, and named one of TIME’s “100 Most Influential Companies.” Athletic operates two custom breweries in the U.S., and its ‘Two For The Trails’ initiative donates up to $2 million of all sales to protecting and restoring outdoor spaces across the globe. Plus, as a part of its IMPACT Program, 1% of revenue goes to non-profit organisations that support positive impact and opportunity from the ground up. As of 2022, Athletic Brewing is proudly a Certified B Corporation™. Its full-flavoured alcohol-free craft brews are made in the USA and are available for purchase on

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