A big goodbye to a great GoodGymer

GoodGym Ealing says "see you soon" to an amazing Area Activator

May 03, 2022

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Liv Parker-Scott has been a familiar face to GoodGym for a long time. Here, as a small token of our appreciation, we bid farewell the GoodGym way by publishing a story to celebrate and thank her.

409 good deeds, 1,353 runs and 10,281 cheers. What a huge impact Liv has made on our GoodGym history.

Liv began her journey with us in May 2017 and has since made an impact both within the central team and also out on the streets. Bringing positivity and clarity of the mission to everything she does, GoodGym are thrilled to celebrate her success and yet sad to see her go.

Samar said, "Liv, you have been an amazing leader who made me feel very welcome right from the start until now. It was great to discover new places right in my areas through your session planning. You will be missed. All the very best and will hopefully continue to see you at some of the Ealing sessions."


Chi, a regular at Liv's sessions, said, "Liv is a great adventurer as well as someone who is up for any challenge as long as it involves a parkrun. A great motivator and role model."


"You've been amazing at motivating the troops and making GoodGym Ealing bigger and stronger than when I joined. I'll always remember how welcoming you were on my first group run when I could barely run 3km. You and the rest of the group reassured me and I managed to run to the task and back, 4km each way! We are going to hugely miss you as our are activator and I hope you'll still be GoodGyming with us." said Sevan.


"Liv has been a joy as GoodGym leader in Ealing. Always positive and full of energy at events, even in the depths of winter! I want to say a big Thankyou for being so encouraging and giving up so much of her time." from Claire B.


Ed, who worked with Liv in the GoodGym central team office said "Liv is incredible to work with, always enthusiastic and passionate about GoodGym and getting people active. She's a real ambassador for everything GoodGym does. She is also very knowledgeable on excellent vegan sweets. "

It's safe to say that Liv will truly be missed around here.

We want to say a huge well done for everything you've achieved, Liv. We hope this is a "see you soon", rather than a goodbye.

The GoodGym Team.

Photo credits: Always more likely to be behind the lens, these lovely photos belong to Liv's Instagram!

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