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Stuart's lockdown story

March 29, 2021


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The past 12 months have found many of us with extra time on our hands.

Triathlete, Stuart Redfern from Dulwich, decided to use his to join GoodGym Southwark – and then went on to break a record. Since joining in November, he completed 119 good deeds in 100 days, sometimes heading out to five in one day.

“I had no work during lockdown and a lot of spare time” he explains. “Travel to triathlons were cancelled, the gym and swimming pool was closed and I needed to keep moving.”

The 62-year-old Design Director has always been active.

“My wife Sally and I compete in triathlons and keeping fit is an important part of our lives” he says. “With us and three grown up children in the house, we needed to find reasons to go outside.”

Stuart battled with the elements over winter, moving furniture, collecting shopping and gardening for local older people in rain, snow and ice.

“My main reason for joining was to stay motivated to move and keep myself busy, but it snowballed” he adds. “It wasn’t until I started doing the good deeds that I realised just how important it is, now more than ever.”

“We are there as a physical support for all the great organisations.

We’re the muscle machine.

We’re also an emotional support, and you really get to know the people you visit. All the people I met helped motivate me.”

In a week, Stuart can walk, run or cycle up to 300km.

“I’m not only helping out isolated people, but it has opened my eyes and helped me appreciate society and the communities around me, so much more” he explains. “I’ve discovered lots of areas of London as well.”

“We’re using our bodies and we’re doing good” he points out.

Will he keep going? “I’d be interested to know what other records there are to break, not that I’m competitive or anything!

“I’ve definitely got the bug.”

Pic: Alicia Canter - Guardian article

Have your own GoodGym story to share with the community? Email and we'll be in touch.
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