I started running to raise money for OCD Action and found that my mental health improved so I want to run to help others and myself! :)



good deeds




Richard completed a training run

Lunchtime run in the rain

  • Thu 24 Oct 2019
  • 3.5km
  • 20:41
  • 05:57/km
Richard completed a training run

5K Time Trial - Chasing Lights Collective style

  • Wed 16 Oct 2019
  • 5.1km
  • 34:13
  • 06:44/km
Richard is going to feel amazing Wed 16 Oct 2019

Richard is going to feel amazing.

Their target is to improve their wellbeing by Jan 16th 2020.

To achieve this Richard will log 2 sessions a week.

On Oct 16th 2019, Richard decided to make this happen.

Richard has logged a 10 mile run. Mon 14 Oct 2019

10 miles is a long way, and Richard knows 'cos they've run it. We are seriously impressed and hope you are too

Richard completed a race

Morning Run

  • Sun 13 Oct 2019
  • 21.1km
  • 02:58:15
  • 08:27/km
Richard has been to three different GoodGym areas. Wed 2 Oct 2019

A Tourist likes nothing better than exploring new areas and meeting new people, and that's what Richard has been doing. Richard has been to three different GoodGym areas now - nice!

Richard has completed 5 good deeds with GoodGym. Wed 2 Oct 2019

Richard is a now a pretty committed GoodGym runner. They've just run to do good for the fifth time

Richard has signed up to GoodGym Crewe Launch Event Wed 2 Oct 2019
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