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Pauline Harrison completed a walk • Morning Walk
Fri 7 May
Pauline Harrison signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Clearing rubble for Calderstones Nature Reserve

Sun 16 May 11:00 am
near Harthill Lodge, Harthill Road, Liverpool, L18 3HU
Essential preparation to set up a nature reserve in one of Liverpool's loveliest parks

The Friends of Calderstones Park have asked for our help in clearing three areas of rubble - tarmac, concrete etc, from a disused area of the park which is being transformed into a nature reserve. They will be providing wheelbarrows; we will be providing the people power! As there may be brambles and trip hazards, please ensure you wear appropriate clothing and sturdy footwear, and please bring your own gardening gloves.

Please adhere to all current COVID -19 guidelines when at the task. It is not essential to wear a facemask but please do so if you wish to.

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Pauline Harrison completed a coach visit
Tue 4 May
Pauline Harrison went on a community mission
Community mission

Slow and steady all the way(s)!

Mon 3 May
Report written by Jo G

Slow Ways is a new national network that launched at the end of April to provide pleasant and accessible walking (or running, or wheelchair) routes, away from busy main roads where possible, linking all the major settlements in the UK. The routes have been mapped out in theory, but it's important that they are reviewed to ensure they actually work in practice. Enter GoodGym Liverpool. Five of us reviewed five routes between us:

Beth had a lovely sunny walk from West Kirby to Hoylake in Merseyside (weshoy)...

Pauline and Liam joined forces to walk from Runcorn to Frodsham (runfro) in typical bank holiday Monday weather...

Ben (currently on loan to GoodGym Ealing) did a round trip run to review both routes linking Ealing Broadway to Chiswisk (ealchi one and ealchi two - see how the route names work yet?)...

and Jo covered Walton-on-the-Hill to Liverpool (livwal), taking in Goodison Park - the home of Everton Football Club - and GoodGym Liverpool's favourite viewpoint across the waterfront to the Welsh mountains from the top of Everton Park.

We all uploaded reviews to the Slow Ways website and hope they'll be useful to others following (literally) in our footsteps.

There's sure to be a Slow Ways route somewhere near you - why not check it out? GoodGym Liverpool will also be organising a Slow Ways walk/run as a group training session locally in the near future, so keep a look out for that too.

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Pauline Harrison completed a walk • GG Slow Ways Walk
Mon 3 May
Pauline Harrison signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Slow Ways surveys and reviews

Mon 3 May 18:30 pm
Your Street, Your City, Your Postcode
Helping launch a national network of walking routes

A new national network of 100,000km of walking routes is being launched this week and Slow Ways needs our help to launch it!

Slow Ways aims to make it easier and more pleasant for people to travel on foot (or using a wheelchair where possible) between all the main habitations in the country. A team of volunteers have already mapped the routes virtually, and now the task begins of actually walking the routes to assess what they are like in reality. For this Community Mission, simply go to the Slow Ways website and search for your location, either the town/city (e.g. Liverpool) or the locale (e.g. Ealing). You will then be able to access a list of the routes to and from that location - e.g. Liverpool-Garston, or Ealing to Hounslow. The network of over 7000 routes covers the entire country, using a mixture of publically accessible footpaths, bridleways and roads, so there is bound to be a Slow Way near your home.

To take part, simply walk your chosen route (or run all/part if you prefer) and write a review for the Slow Ways site, and add one or more photos. Or you can do a more detailed Survey - please undertake the survey training on the Slow Ways website first. Please bear in mind that this will take rather longer than simply walking and reviewing the route as you will need to make notes as you go along.

The routes vary in length so you may wish to split into two or more sections on different days, or divide the task between two or more people. Alternatively you could link two or more routes together! You can go alone or with others (adhering to GoodGym guidance for community missions of course, as well as the current COVID-19 regulations).

Please be mindful of your personal safety especially if going alone and/or on routes that are unfamiliar to you, and make sure you know how you're going to get back home from the end of the route of course!

Once you're done, submit your Survey/Review to the Slow Ways website and send me a photo or two with a note of which route you did.

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Pauline Harrison completed a walk • Morning Walk
Sun 2 May
Pauline Harrison completed a ride • To Lime Street...
Sat 1 May
Pauline Harrison completed a ride • To GG Mission...
Sat 1 May
Pauline Harrison went on a mission

A great gardening job for K, a lady very much in need of help

Sat 1 May
Report written by Matthew

Both Pauline and Matthew had already been at different GoodGym tasks that morning and so we arrived from different places, almost at the same time. We met the lovely K, who was really struggling after a life changing accident.

A skip was meant to be on site so that we could fill it with rubbish from the rear garden. Sadly it wasn't there but ever resourceful we decided to get as much round to the front for when the skip does turn up. We managed to move loads as the photos will attest to and it was lovely to be able to help out another person in serious need of help. And it was just talking to K that seemed to really give her a lift. Hopefully we will go back and finish the job and so K can then get round her back garden without the fear of falling over.

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