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Matt Snelling completed a training run • Lunch Run
Tue 13 Apr
Matt Snelling completed a training run • Morning Run
Sat 10 Apr
Matt Snelling has logged a 10 mile run. Sat 10 Apr 2021

10 miles is a long way, and Matt knows 'cos they've run it. We are seriously impressed and hope you are too

Matt Snelling signed up to a community mission
Community mission
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Fri 30 Apr 23:00 pm
From your home, Any city, Any postcode
De-cluttering with a conscience

This community mission starts NOW and you have until the end of April to participate.

Birds are singing and daffodils are blooming - time for a Spring clean!

We don't just want to send our clutter to landfill though, we want to find a way to recycle it and/or to help it find a new owner. Why not use your daily exercise in March and/or April to make this happen?

Below are some ideas for how you could participate in this community mission. If you have other ideas or know of other similar organisations then please add links in the comments.

  • Recycle your unwanted running kit with Rerun Clothing. If you live in Maidenhead email for a local address where you can drop off kit. Otherwise check this page for your nearest drop off location. Maybe you could even collect kit from others in your GoodGym area or running club to drop off in bulk?

  • Recycle your running shoes with Runners Need by dropping off at a SOEX recycling station. Find out more here. Do this before the 25th of March and get a voucher for £20 off your next pair of trainers at Runners Need.

  • Support your local Homeless Shelter by donating good quality items that are on their wish-list. If you live in Windsor and Maidenhead, you can follow the Windsor Homeless Project's 'What we need when we need it' page on Facebook to see what they are short of. If you have details of a shelter near you, perhaps you would consider coordinating a collection for your area?

  • Donate your unwanted, good quality, baby/childcare items to a local charity supporting families in need. If you live in Windsor or Maidenhead, you can follow the Baby Bank on Facebook to see what is on their wish-list. They tend to post one monthly, so scroll down the page to find the latest month if you can't see it straight away.

  • Recycle unwanted plastic baby-related items like dummies, sippy cups and plastic bibs with La Romi and they will be made into everything from ping pong tables to watering cans. Click here for more details.

  • Recycle your High 5 Sports Nutrition Wrappers through their partnership with Terracycle. Click here for more details.

  • Take a bunch of old plastic bags on your next trip to a big supermarket so they can be recycled.

  • Browse the Terracycle website here to find out where you can drop off all sorts of items for recycling, from old Hasbro Games to contact lenses and crisp packets.

  • Support your local charity shops (when open for donations) by donating good quality items for them to sell on.

Please send any photos or anecdotes from your spring cleaning to for the run report.

This community mission starts NOW and you have until the end of April to participate.

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Matt Snelling went on a community mission
Community mission
Windsor and Maidenhead

Delivered Hot Meals for Brett Foundation

Fri 9 Apr
Report written by Matt Snelling

Delivered hot meals across Maidenhead on behalf of the Brett Foundation

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Matt Snelling completed a training run • MAC Track Session Braywick
Tue 6 Apr
Matt Snelling completed a training run • Morning Run
Sun 4 Apr
Fri 2 Apr
Matt Snelling completed a training run • The warm one!
Tue 30 Mar
Matt Snelling went on a party
Windsor and Maidenhead

One-derful fun!

Fri 26 Feb
Report written by Amy Lovell

GoodGym Windsor and Maidenhead is 1!

Covid-19 has given us a very different year to what we expected, but we haven't let it stop us from building a community of one-derful people, who have collectively done a whopping 723 good deeds and been motivated to stay fit and active along the way. We certainly weren't about to let Covid-19 stop us from celebrating our first birthday in style!

We had a Zoom quiz and natter, with lots of good sportsmanship and big laughs. Highlights from the evening included:

  • Being able to give Jen (VIP guest from Slough!) and Sara a big round of applause for their 100th and 50th good deeds respectively - amazing achievements from these superstars! Also learning about what they have been doing with crisp packets at Terracycle near Slough.
  • Lots of us being able to put faces to names and say a proper hello having only 'met' before on WhatsApp or read about each other in run reports.
  • Tara joining straight from a shift at the Maidenhead Covid-19 vaccination clinic - way to go Tara!
  • Big excitement at the news that Parkrun is expected to return from the 5th of June and Junior Parkrun (for 4-10 year olds initially) from the 11th of April. Hurrah! We were particularly honoured to have Parkrun Director Nick B joining our celebration as a VIP guest on the historic day of this announcement.
  • A big up to Sani, Rich, Jen, Jess, Sophie, Wendy, and Fran, who were all there at our launch and are still part of the family one year on.
  • Matt's demonstration of the running man.
  • Everyone doing the twist.
  • Attempts at jumping jacks without leaving the sofa.
  • Seeing what it would look like if Queen Elizabeth II dressed up as Paul in a Santa hat and went out for a run.
  • Seeing what it would look like if Sophie and Elton John had a child and he grew up, joined GoodGym and helped rescue baby toads.
  • Nick S's reaction to finding out that Timmy Mallet lives nearby.
  • Amy learning how to use breakout rooms (thanks to technical support James)
  • Laura, Gareth and Tara of the 'Cool Chefs' being super focussed and nailing every challenge in record time.
  • Team 'We are Pants'' innovative choice of team uniform, in particular Sophie's styling of her hair through the leg holes.
  • Fran's stamina when it came to keeping her pants on. It did not go un-noticed that Nick S whipped his off at the earliest opportunity.
  • Jen's explanation that she was a 'Llama in pyjamas' disguised as a bear. Obvs.
  • Claire from the 'Mad Hatters' wearing a child's riding helmet.
  • All the celebratory drinks.
  • Brilliant efforts to GoodGym-ify the lyrics of Queen's 'Don't stop me now' such as: >(Don't stop us now) We're digging such a big hole We're planting a tree (Wear fancy dress) Goodgym always has a good time So give them a call!
  • Re-writes of Bruce Springsteen's 'Born to Run' to make them more relevant to the present day, such as: > Oh covid, trapped like us Bojo, let us out to run Come with me, athletes like us Baby, we’re born to park run
  • Adaptations of Bonnie Tyler's 'I need a hero' with Boris in Johnson in mind, such as: >I need a haircut, I’m holding out for a haircut till the end of the spring. It’s got to be short, and it’s got to be blond cos I want be the next king.
  • And a second verse: >I need a vaccine I'm holding out for a vaccine by the end of the year It's got to be safe and it's gotta work And it's gotta get me out for a beer
  • The group singing/rapping these lyrics in unison.
  • The fact that I recorded it so I can watch it back whenever I want to. Bwa ha ha ha...
  • Our agreement that next year's celebration will include going out together for a pizza and lots of hugs.

Happy birthday to us!

An extra well done to everyone who also went for a celebratory birthday run, and special mention to Amanda, who brought birthday balloons (and a big smile to lots of people's faces) for her run with Amy around Maidenhead's Parkrun route.

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