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Maff Wills has done their first good deed with GoodGym. Sun 19 Jan 2020

Maff is a now a fully fledged GoodGym runner. They've just run to do good for the first time. They are out there making amazing things happen and getting fit at the same time.

Maff Wills went on a group run
Group run
Kingston upon Thames

Digging for a pun with 6 new ones on the run!

Sun 19 Jan
Report written by Jenna

What a glorious day for a starter run! 14 of us met at the Guildhall, to run 5km and get physical with a great task of clearing the paths at Surbiton Cemetery.

We were very lucky today to welcome 6 new runners - Rush, Zoe, [Nancy]Nancy), Matt, Emily, and John as well as the return of Ruth who we haven't seen in a while - give them all a cheer!

After another groovy warm up guaranteed to get our hands out of our pockets and get us mobilised, we set our stravas and envisaged the hot chocolate we would hunt down on our return into Kingston town centre.

Although cold we ran in the beautiful sunshine , a little different to our regular Tuesday nights in darkness and this made all the difference for the task at hand. When we arrived at the Cemetery we could see what great work had already been achieved by the group a few weeks ago and now we were here to use the light to dig into a overgrown grass verge of the path and clear it so that people can get to the headstones more easily.

We each picked up a shovel or a spade - I'm unsure which is which but which ever one we had they were great at clearing the path. This was some really satisfying work, a great way to get our muscles working and doing a good deed at the same time. Once all the grass and soil were lifted it was time to load up the wheelbarrows with it for a race to get it out of sight to expose a clear and user friendly path.

Great work everyone, such a great team effort!

Hope to see you on a Tuesday night group run - 6.45pm at Main Guildhall or if you cannot make Tuesdays, look out on the website for other runs and good deeds you can get involved in

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Maff Wills signed up to a group run
Group run
Kingston upon Thames

Clearing the paths at Surbiton Cemetery

Sun 19 Jan 10:45 am
Guildhall, Kingston-upon-Thames, London, KT1 1EU
Allow better access for those visiting the cemetery

It's a Kingston Starter Run so we get to do our good deeds as a group in the daytime for a change and that means we don't need head torches - Yay!!

Even better news is that the run is open to those who have never run before and those that have completed 500 deeds or more so we can all do good at Surbiton Cemetery

The pathways there have overgrown with moss, grass and mud to form trip hazards and make access awkward especially for those in wheel chairs

Some of us have tackled this task in the dark but this time we shall get a better look at what we are dealing with and make a start to 2020 with a project that will keep our fitness and feel good endorphins fully charged!

Come join us at Guildhall 10.45am and bring your own gardening gloves if you have some ; - )

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