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Lucy Anderson went on a community mission
Community mission

Fly me to the moon!

Thu 16 Jul
Report written by Allie Fisher

Pun: Anyone remember the 2015 John Lewis Christmas Ad raising awareness of Age UK? Man living on the moon. Tentative link!

Well Goodgym were out in force flyering for Age UK in Weston, Bath. The flyer was an information leaflet about the financial and support services Age UK offers and they are keen to increase awareness in Bath areas where support maybe needed. With 5 of us, we were able to make good progress flyering certain streets in Weston. We quickly ran out of flyers!

It was lovely to mix up a little bit of running with posting through letterboxes. Thanks to everyone who came along.

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Lucy Anderson signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Flyering Fun for Age UK

Thu 16 Jul 18:30 pm
Boots, 125 High St, Bath, BA1 4DF
Help awareness of the information and advice support that Age UK offers

Flyering is back!!

We've always loved a group run with flyering and now it's back, but as a community mission.

We've been asked by Age UK if we can help with distributing their flyers in the area of Weston in Bath. They have identified that many older people in need are not accessing the information and advice support that they offer and they've produced a leaflet promoting this. This is really important at this time, so a great mission to support.

This is also a good exercise session and I am sure it will be great to see some Other Goodgymers as well. Logistics/social distancing - Meet outside Boots on the High Street at 6.30pm - Important: Please bring a pair of gloves with you. - Please bring your own water bottle if you need it. - Please make sure you maintain a 2m distance from other runners and volunteers

Any questions, comment below or email me at

Hope you can make it!

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Lucy Anderson went on a training session
Training session

Conquering the 3 peaks

Sat 9 May
Report written by Sam Ollason

To keep us all motivated to keep fit while are spending more time at home because of lockdown we set ourselves the ambitious challenge of running and walking a combined total of 3408m uphill in a single week. We took our inspiration from the famous '3 peaks' challenge and this figure is the height of the tallest mountains in each country of Great Britain (Scotland, Scafell Pike (978m); England, Ben Nevis (1,345m); Wales, Snowdon (1,085m)).

The previous 7 days (24th April - 1st May) we managed 1542m in elevation, so we had some serious work ahead of us if we wanted to meet our goal.

By Tuesday we had climbed Snowdon and by Friday we had climbed Scafell Pike and then the last day of our challenge Lucy climbed to the summit of Ben Nevis (by way of Kelston Roundhill!).

I certainly don't do this much hill training usually (instead preferring the flat of Bath's canal path) but this challenge motivated me to run up some of those nasty Bath hills. I hope this will give us all some more motivation to add in hill training from time to time to make it easier for our regular Group Runs once they get started up again.

Well done for such a fantastic effort to everyone to took part and thanks for getting involved to keep our community together in these difficult and isolated times.

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Lucy Anderson signed up to a party

Xmas Drinks at The Hunstman

Tue 10 Dec 20:15 pm
The Hunstman, Bath, BA2 6AB
A great way to end the year!

After our penultimate Group Run of the year we are heading to The Hunstman for a Christmas meal. Come along even if you can't make the task - all are welcome!

Christmas hats and jumpers aren't required but are encouraged (you can leave them at the leisure centre in a locker while we run).


  • We have been asked to pre-order food.
  • There are 2 menus you can chose from. The Christmas menu and the Everyday menu
  • PLEASE ONLY SELECT YOUR OPTIONS FROM ONE menu!!! So, for example, don't pick a starter from the Christmas menu and a main course from the Everyday menu!
  • If you would like to eat then FILL IN THIS SHEET with your food choices.
  • Please fill in the sheet by 11am on Wednesday 4th December!.
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Lucy Anderson has has earned their community cape by completing their first community mission. Sun 28 Apr 2019

Lucy completed a community mission. Instead of watching TV or lying in bed, Lucy was out there making their community a better place to be. For making that choice they have earned the community cape.

Lucy Anderson went on a community mission
Community mission

A bird in the app is worth two in the bush!

Sun 28 Apr
Report written by Sam Ollason

A group of runners helped ran around Victoria Park recording wildlife data as part of the 2019 City Nature Challenge. The challenge involves people all over the world using a mobile app to take record and identify pictures of wildlife. This year over 180 cities are taking part in the challenge! Last year, Bath & Bristol recorded the most data out of all the teams in Europe. So one of our motivations today was to make sure that we held on to this title!

We ran all around corners of Victoria Park to record data. We took pictures of trees, plants, bushes and we also managed to get some snaps of birds darting about!

We were delighted to have a few runners join us today for their very first GoodGym run. Thanks for coming to volunteer with us and we hope you join us again soon!

A quote from one of the runners: "Really enjoyed meeting this fun bunch of people in Bath, getting a run in while doing good for science! Great way to spend a Sunday morning :)"

Thanks to all the team at the National History Consortium for organising the challenge and thanks in particular to Stuart for joining us on the run to give us a hand!

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Lucy Anderson signed up to a community mission
Community mission

The 2019 City Nature Challenge

Sun 28 Apr 09:45 am
Bath Sports and Leisure Centre, North Parade Road, Bath, BA2 4ET
Recording data about tree diversity in Bath

We have been invited to be a part of the 2019 City Nature Challenge.

You are welcome to come and join us if this is your first run or if you have been running with GoodGym for years!

This is a really exciting event happening all over the world over this weekend. The challenge is to see which area can make the most observations of nature, find the most species, and engage the most people in the challenge.

Last year, 68 cities across the world took part and the 'Bath and Bristol' region (that's us!!) came the top in all of Europe! We are hoping to replicate this massive achievement again.

Our task is to take pictures of as many trees as we can. We will be doing this in Royal Victoria Park. We will be using the iNaturalist mobile app to take pictures and identify wildlife. This app is free to use. I recommend downloading and experimenting with the run, but don't worry as can show you how to use it at the start of the task if you are unsure.

Please bring a smart phone/camera to take pictures with, if you have one. We will use these to capture the image of the trees (and most smartphones automatically record the information about where the picture was taken). If you don't have one of these then that's ok - we will need to work as a team to make sure we cover as many trees as possible and not take pictures of the same tree twice!


  • 0945: meet at the leisure centre for a warm-up and briefing
  • 1000: run to Victoria Park
  • 1215: finish the task and run back to the leisure centre
  • 1230: arrive back at the leisure centre

As always, you can leave your bags at the leisure centre for a £1 deposit.

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Lucy Anderson signed up to a party

End of the Month Pub Quiz at the Boater

Thu 30 Aug 19:30 pm
The Boater , Argyle street , Bath , BA2 4BQ
Can GoodGym Bath pick up a win?

Geography and Literature buffs required. Knowledge of Marine Biology preferable. Mathematics degree not necessary.

Come and join us for our Pub Quiz Social at The Boater - we've done it before but can we win and take home the pot again? Or maybe just the last place packet of crisps... £1 entry per person. Quiz starts at 8pm but we will be there from 7:30pm.

Please sign up so we can get an idea of numbers to reserve tables. Hope to see you there!

UPDATE: 2 tables reserved under my name (Emily) from 7:30pm.

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Lucy Anderson completed a training run • Morning Run
Sat 4 Aug
Lucy Anderson has cheered 250 times. Wed 1 Aug 2018

Lucy is one of the people that keep the GoodGym community alive and well. By cheering 250 times they've shown they're committed to supporting other runners. They are definitely a fan of what GoodGym is all about.

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