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Liam completed a training run • COBS X-Country #1
Sat 4 Dec
Liam went on a community mission
Community mission

Directible Delights

Sat 4 Dec
Report written by John Hayes

Once again, Goodgym combined with parkrun in Birmingham, with 4 goodgymers assisting at 3 parkruns across the city. Liam was Run Directing at Edgbaston Reservoir, while Louise was managing the sizeable funnel at Cannon Hill. John set up the course at Perry Hall, before running it at the same time as Raull gave great support to the back of the field on tail walking duties.

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Liam completed a training run • Cold COBS
Thu 25 Nov
Liam completed a training run • Evening Run
Tue 23 Nov
Liam went on a group run
Group run

Fartleking along!

Tue 23 Nov
Report written by Jonny Carter

Tonight we headed to the canal for a short litter pick as it was rather nippy. We still got one big bag full of rubbish so all was good.

After are litter pick Liam took us back to St Paul's Square via a slightly different route. Tonight's fitness session was a bit of Fartlek, hence the pun! That's Swedish for 'play with speed', basically unstructured interval training.

The aim was 10 minutes, on a circular circuit around the church. Efforts ranged from 10 secs to 1 minute, with mixed recoveries. Laura worked well, always seeming to have to run up the hill on each effort! Amy pushed hard, keeping going all the way through and Rob and Liam pushed each other along, sticking to each other like glue!

After a great team effort the group headed back to the warmth of 1000 Trades.

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Liam signed up to a group run
Group run

A litter pick on the Canal for the Canal and River Trust

Tue 23 Nov 18:30 pm
1000 Trades, 16 Frederick Street, Birmingham , B1 3HE
Many people use the canal to run and cycle along

We will be back on the canal this week. It will involve meeting at 1000 Trades in the upstairs room, before running out onto the Canal to complete a litter pick, before a fitness session.

Walkers are welcome to join and you can set off to the canal just before the runners :)

Please bring a head torch as it will be a little dark after 7pm.

Everyone is welcome, remember nobody is left behind.

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Liam completed a training run • COBS Winter Hills
Thu 18 Nov
Liam completed a training run • GoodGym Group Run
Tue 16 Nov
Liam went on a group run
Group run

It was time for a trial!

Tue 16 Nov
Report written by Jonny Carter

Tonight was a little different as we didn't have a task so it was a GG fitness session.

Morwenna still recovering from illness did the back marker roll and Liam and Laura led the way. We headed to Millenium Point to do the famous/Infamous GG Brum time trial, the last attempt at this being Feb 2020 before some virus turned up on our shores.

The group were out of practice, but put in a great show, James was actually running it for the first time. Liam ran under 6.30, James with bag on his back, just over 7 and Laura under 8, so top work by everyone. Morwenna took the sensible decision to 'step off the track' at halfway as her body wasn't quite up to a time-trial just yet.

Once done we had a quick selfie, then Liam took us on a different route back to 1000 Trades to clock up a nice 7k in total.

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Liam signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Volunteer at parkrun across Birmingham

Sat 11 Dec 08:30 am
Perry Hall Park, Perry Avenue, Perry Barr, Birmingham, B42 1RS
Be a hi-viz hero

Join in with making parkrun happen and raise the profile of Goodgym among local runners. There are several parkruns across and just outside the city, so look at the links below to choose one close and convenient to you and find out how to volunteer. You will need to send a message to the email address on the page for the parkrun you want to volunteer at, with your parkrun barcode to let them know you are able to volunteer.

I will be usually volunteering at Perry Hall so the address reflects this, the address of all individual parkruns can be found on their pages.

Volunteer at Edgbaston Reservoir

Volunteer at Perry Hall

Volunteer at Cannon Hill

Volunteer at Woodgate Valley

Volunteer at Sutton Park

Volunteer at Oaklands

Volunteer at Babbs Mill

Volunteer at Sandwell Valley

Volunteer at Kingsbury Water

Volunteer at Walsall

Volunteer at Arrow Valley

All parkruns have a similar structure, with a run director and a volunteer team who will make sure you are prepared for all you need to do to help.

You will have a full briefing of the mornings events and how to best support everyone participating at parkrun.

Tasks are varied and include: marshalling, scanning, giving out & sorting finish tokens, tail - walker and many more. All of the tasks are explained in full, easy to do and the tasks are a fun insight into how parkrun actually runs every Saturday!

The volunteering role usually finishes around 10-10:30am.

Sign up here to show you are volunteering and I will collate a run report. Let me know by posting any words or pictures into the Whatsapp group or to and I will add them to the report.

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