My name is Iliana Chatzifragkou and I am physiotherapist. In October 2011 I finished my Master of Science degree in Physiotherapy (Merit with distinction in dissertation) . In January 2016, I have started to work as part time paediatric physiotherapy assistant. Caseload including children 1-19 years old with a range of neurological and neuro-developmental conditions. Also, since June 2017, I am working part time as a Stroke Project Worker at Triangle Community Services. The Stroke Project provides long-term support to stroke survivors and their families in the community – Hackney and City offering different services from 1:1 support at client’s home to group activities and exercise classes. We also run our Public Health Project which aims at supporting men, minority communities and targeted groups of City workers to reduce their risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes and kidney disease through our NHS Health Checks and Health MOTs (blood pressure checks and BMI). Since October 2015, I was sport physiotherapist at Crystal Palace Ladies Football Club for a year. Key responsibilities of the role include diagnosis and treatment of injuries on the pitch side of games, early rehabilitation and management programs, injury prevention strategies and first aid/trauma management. The club finished 1st for the period 2015-16 at the FA Women's Premier League South East Division 1 and also won the FA Surrey County Cup achieving a double. Although, the club's greatest achievement for the period 2015/16 was to finish the FA_WPL unbeatable after 24 games (22 wins & 2 draws). During this period I have gained experience in multi-task skills as well as leadership and communication skills. In addition, I have worked as a part of a team that should co-operative well with other professionals such as sport therapists, strength and conditioning coach, nutritionist, coaches and managers. I have also completed the FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine (42 modules) improving the standard of care I could provide as a sports physiotherapist. I have worked again as a sport physiotherapist as the private physiotherapy centres I have worked in the past, had close cooperation with football players (national C division and regional teams) and volleyball players (national B division). During summer 2011, I was volunteer physiotherapist in London at Surrey Cricket Club for Women team. I was part time Lecturer at the Bachelor’s degree programme in Physiotherapy at University of East London – Athens campus based in Greece. The BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy International programme is validated by the University of East London, London and is running through AKMI Metropolitan College. In addition, in summer 2015 I was full time researcher at the Nationwide Study of Nutrition and Health (PA.ME.D.Y.), conducted by Agricultural University of Athens. The research’s aim was to provide prevalence in key health indicators, risk factors, and eating habits of Greek population over six months age. I have worked as a full time physiotherapist in rehabilitation centres as well as private physiotherapy clinics and as a self-employed physiotherapist in out-patients (2008-2010). During these years I have gained more experience in musculoskeletal patients and some in neurological conditions such as stroke as well as Parkinson's disease. I have experience in aquatic rehabilitation sessions as a physiotherapist in both musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. I have also gained certificate in Orthopaedic Medicine (by Cyriax) in management of spinal and peripheral musculoskeletal conditions (60 hours). I have gained experience as a full time researcher (2012-2014) in the investigation of the size and shape of thigh as well as calf muscles using 3D ultrasound imaging. Also, I have been involved in muscle strength measurement using isokinetic dynamometer as well as 3D gait analysis using Vicon and Xsens capture systems. In June 2013, I took part as a research assistant in a study from Brunel University investigating the effects of stretching on muscle and tendon properties in children who have cerebral palsy (CP). The research study was titled as ‘An examination of muscle and tendon properties in children with spastic cerebral palsy and their response to stretch: a theoretical basis for evidence-based clinical practice’. The overall purpose of this research was to examine the mechanical properties of the medial gastrocnemius muscle and Achilles tendon in children with spastic CP, and the adaptations of the muscle and tendon to acute and long-term passive stretching.

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