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Darryl Chamberlain completed a training run • Hilly Fields parkrun!
Sat 31 Jul
Darryl Chamberlain completed a walk • Friday walk
Fri 30 Jul
Thu 29 Jul
Darryl Chamberlain went on a mission

By air and by ferry, the prescriptions keep coming

Thu 29 Jul
Report written by Darryl Chamberlain

A quick dash over to the Royal Docks by bike to drop off a prescription. Over on the ferry, back on the cable car for a change. (Note for the future: Don't get the cable car in the school holidays.) Job done.

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Darryl Chamberlain signed up to a mission • Deliver medicines for Mrs E
Thu 29 Jul
Tue 27 Jul
Darryl Chamberlain went on a group run
Group run

We get high on doing good

Tue 27 Jul
Report written by Conroy

Yesterday was our second week back sine the return of group runs we welcomed Samantha and Yasser who joined us for their first of many group runs. Yasser was volunteering was volunteering as a community member at a task we were previously at and was fascinated with our ethos and decided to join our band of merry volunteers.

Before mentioning the next new/ stolen member, I need to say a big thanks to Ana, over in GG Wandsworth for providing another member for the Croydon group it just goes to show how welcoming our GG community is that the first thing members do when relocating is to check for the local GG group. Callum welcome to your new area and we hope we will be able to give you more of the shame hospitality you mentioned that you received in Wandsworth and look forward to see you rack up the miles and deeds for us over in Croydon.

We also welcome Darryl visiting us from Greenwich, to get his weekly GG group run fix as there was no group runs in his home area and the other two neighbouring areas he ventured even further a field to Croydon so as not to miss out.

It was also good to see the regulars who have been waiting patiently for the return of group runs and listed to them being all excited to be back doing regular group activities, they were like children in a candy shop. You had to be there to realise how excited they were and the buzz that was going around in the group.

Our task was one of our longer runs, we went to Valley Park to help Pam tidy the raised beds weed, prune and plant a few flowers. The mood in the group was buzzing, Pam's ever so lovely vibes flow throughout every conversation being had. The group worked really hard and the talk of birthdays and parties, socials had everyone excited to be back. Before we knew it our time at the task had come to an end and the 2.5km run back to solutions was becoming a reality.

As I was still suffering from the effects of Endure24 I decided against a fitness session, however on the run back I noticed some members of the group had a lot of energy left in the tank so we did some running drills along the way and some out and back. I noticed that some members had used up their extra energy and reverted back to a gentle jog but at least two members still had a lot more in the tank, know the route we would be taking back and the last little incline I suggested some sprints with a cheeky little smile, by the time we got to the hill all the group had worked up a sweat and was back to a gentle jog. I had manage to get those with a little extra in the tank to burn it off. :-)

Next week we will be doing a new task over in West Croydon the run will be shorter but there is another challenge, we have approximately 70 bags of soil to move and if time permits spread into raised beds. Will we manage to move all the soil and spread some? Why not sign up and see if we pull it off!

Special Mention

Congratulations to Kate, Ros, Ollie, Paul and Andy on their performances at Endure24**

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Darryl Chamberlain completed a walk • to the shops!
Mon 26 Jul
Darryl Chamberlain completed a ride • Monday workday
Mon 26 Jul
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