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Darren completed a training run • Lunchtime run
Tue 23 Feb
Darren completed a ride • Morning Ride
Sun 21 Feb
Darren went on a community mission
Community mission

Goat-o shoot

Fri 19 Feb
Report written by Melanie Young

The Feel Good Factor was HUGE at Windmill Hill City Farm this morning - a full set of GoodGymmers including Aldi's first ever GoodGym task, returner Anna and back-from Kingston Grace and a whole host of Bristol regulars.

We scraped the path, levelled out the scrapings and we’re then asked if we’d like to join a goat photo shoot, or goat-o shoot for short. Would we ever?!

Shree took charge* of Pip the Pygmy Goat and we were soon** striking a pose for the animal of the week preparation.

With enormous grins on our faces and endorphins from the physical work, we’d made new friends and had the perfect start to the day, all before 9am!

Pip took charge of Shree *Quite a long time later

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Thu 18 Feb
Darren completed a training run • Lunchtime run with hills
Wed 17 Feb
Darren signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Friday Farm Frolics

Fri 19 Feb 08:00 am
Windmill Hill City Farm, Philip Street, Bedminster , Bristol , BS3 4EA
Helping a local community farm

Are you finding it hard to motivate yourself in the morning? Come and join us for a end of the week morning dose of goodness at Windmill Hill City Farm.

Early morning, fresh air, walking/running/cycling (or however else you travel), volunteering, animals (and people, if you like them - socially distanced of course) - what a great way to start your day!

The farm is planning to lay a new gravel path along their animal paddocks so we will scrape off the old surface material and prepare the paths for their make-over. Expect a decent workout for our arms and upper body ;)

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Darren went on a community mission
Community mission

Day of concrete

Fri 12 Feb
Report written by Sarah Kappel

On a chilly Friday morning, 6 GoodGym runners gathered to remove the top layer of a footpath around Windmill Hill City Farm. Given the frosty weather one may assume this mission was doomed to be a day of defeat as the topsoil was frozen and hard as concrete. Nevertheless, the GoodGymers set about tackling the icy path with spats and shovels and sure enough soon found a technique combining sheer force, the right angle of leverage, and additional help of using one's (frozen) foot a sledgehammer to chip away on the concrete-like material. A tough job that will have to be continued once the weather is a bit warmer.

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Darren completed a training run • Lunchtime run
Thu 11 Feb
Darren completed a ride • Lunchtime spin and hills
Wed 10 Feb
Darren went on a mission

Chill pill taken

Tue 9 Feb
Report written by Darren

A short run was required to complete this one, about a mile or so each way and certainly not long enough to warm up! Still though, I was very happy to deliver the meds for Mr D on this chilly day, which as you have guessed by now, provided the inspiration for this run pun. It's about 1 degree Celsius at the time of writing, though Mrs D reliably tells me that it feels like -6. That's a version of events I choose to report. Over and out!

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