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Arba completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Tue 18 Jan
Arba completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Sat 15 Jan
Arba completed a training run • GoodGym run
Tue 11 Jan
Arba went on a community mission
Community mission
Hammersmith and Fulham

Blurred Pines

Tue 11 Jan
Report written by Lucy Hill

Christmas was over, and the three kings had been and went. 2022 was officially in full swing, and apart from the few shops that appeared to enjoy living dangerously, most of Hammersmith had taken down their Christmas trees.

Although there were collections going on, these were in line with the bin days, and there were piles of pines and lonely old trees abandoned on the roadside for safe disposal. Our mission fir the evening was to find some of these trees and clear them from the pavements, by taking them to the designated tree-dumping zone at Loris Gardens.

The rain that had been tree-ming down all day had stopped, and five of us met at Brook Green to get the task started. Cookie didn’t get the memo to dress like a highlighter, but we let him join in anyway, and paced our way along the Shepherds Bush Road.

A few of the Christmas tree congregations on my recce the day before had been cleared. A few false starts also followed - one fake tree and one tree that was actually a bush. Jonathan had spotted some on his way up, so we made our way to them to guaran-tree us something, and he led us to a great big mound of firs, with a bonus wreath included. We loaded up - Bethan, Arba and Biscuits made a treen (that’s a tree-train to those not in the know), whereas Cookie and Lucy went for the solo power efforts - him carrying an enormous pine and her with the two handed drag.

All techniques equally impressive, and the first cohort of trees made it to Loris Gardens. We carried on for a few more trips around the local streets, running loops across Shepherds Bush Road, and by the time the task time was up, we had managed over 40 trees, plus two wreaths and some rather saucy looking off cuts, which Jonathan took delight in giving us his best burlesque with.

With our pile high in Loris Gardens, we had a quick group snap and made peace out - some of us off home, some of us off to Tescos, and some of us to pine for more good deeds.

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Arba signed up to a community mission
Community mission
Hammersmith and Fulham

Christmas Tree Clear Up 🎄

Tue 11 Jan 18:45 pm
Bears Ice Cream, 15 Brook Green, Hammersmith, London, W6 7BL
Helping keep the streets tidy and safe

Christmas is over, and feels like a long time ago now… But there are still lots of sad trees that have had their time and are now sitting on the streets waiting to be taken to a new home.

Our mission for Tuesday will be to roam the streets and move Christmas trees from the street sides, where they are potentially blocking the pathways and making access tricky, to the Christmas Tree recycling centre at Loris Gardens.

We’ll meet at Brook Green, outside Bears Pavillion at 6:45, and will walk/run/jog depending on how we are feeling around the local area and scavenge for trees to then carry across to Loris Gardens.

A little bit of post-Christmas fitness and doing good, what’s not to like?

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Arba completed a training run • Great start to the year (not working gps)
Thu 6 Jan
Arba completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Fri 17 Dec
Arba completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Mon 13 Dec
Arba completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Wed 1 Dec
Arba completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Mon 29 Nov
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