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Make your bed (but don't lie in it)

Sun 18 Oct 10:00 am
The Garden House, Lakes Road, Marple, SK6 7DH
Helping to dig out raised flower beds at The Garden House Marple

The Garden House were so impressed with our GoodGym runners' orchard tending taskwork that they would like us to be a regular feature to help with some of their more strenuous tasks!

The Garden House is a beautiful Community Farm that aims to provide a safe space in the Cheshire countryside for families and local organisations, and in particular, groups and charities who cater to children and young adults with complex needs. They also work tirelessly to raise awareness of green issues, as well as animal welfare and mental health.

The task of the week is to put our back into shifting the earth and preparing their wonderfully crafted, timber raised flower beds ready for their allotment vegetation.

They are also kind enough to provide us with warming drinks ... If you need any temptation out of winter hibernation!

Bring gloves!

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Anne Hall has pledged to support Urmston Community Hub Wed 1 Jul 2020
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