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Thu 27 Jan
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Mon 24 Jan
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Thu 20 Jan
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Everything including the kitchen sink

Wed 19 Jan
Report written by Anwen Greenaway

In a dark, dark city,
There was a dark, dark road,
And off that dark, dark road,
There was a dark, dark path,
And along that dark, dark path,
There was a dark, dark school,
And a dark, dark brook,
And a dark, dark nature reserve,
And dark, dark allotments.
And all of them were blighted by litter,
Blowing in from the dark, dark path.

It was certainly a dark, dark, cold, cold night for litter picking last night!

It was well worth wrapping up warm, donning our hi-vis and head torches and patrolling the paths and cycle ways of Boundary Brook area to clear up the litter and fly-tipping. It's a litter grot spot just where you wouldn't want one (I mean, we don't want them anywhere, but this is particularly bad) - by two primary schools, edging a waterway and a nature reserve, and one of the worst areas is right outside the Children's Allotment.

We filled a couple of dozen litter bags with masks, cans, newspapers, takeaway cartons, and all the usual litter suspects. More surprising were the lengths of carpet, kitchen sink and assorted other flytipping!

Welcome to GoodGym Megan!

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Group run

East Oxford Litter Pick!

Wed 19 Jan 18:00 pm
Richard Benson Hall, 276 Cowley Rd, Oxford, OX4 1UR
Cleaning up Boundary Brook Cycle path and surrounding area

Tonight we'll be litter picking around the circumference of Florence Park and along the Boundary Brook cycle path. There is always a lot of litter around this area which spills into the surrounding park, nature reserve and allotments. Tonight we'll do our best to sort that out.

We know you love a good plog - one of our most satisfying tasks - let's get to work!

Litter pickers and bags will be provided but please bring your own gloves. As the evenings are dark please wear hi-vis if you have them, and headtorches would be helpful for everyone. I'll bring a couple of spare head torches.

Meeting options:
* Anyone wishing to run to the task as a group please meet in the car park of the Richard Benson Hall, 276b Cowley Rd at 6pm. There won’t be a bag drop available but we can use the toilets. It is less than a mile to run to the litter pick location, and we plan on there being a walking option too. We can take a longer route back so that you feel like you've had a good leg-stretch!
* If you would prefer to meet at the task please meet us at 6:15pm outside Larkrise Primary School on Boundary Brook Road, OX4 4AN

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Angus Grant completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Sat 15 Jan
Thu 13 Jan
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Sat 8 Jan
Angus Grant completed a training run • Evening Run
Thu 6 Jan
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