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Alexandra Iseghohi completed a training run • Morning Run
Tue 17 Aug
Alexandra Iseghohi signed up to a group run
Group run
Warwick & Leamington Spa

Gardening and maintenance for the 2nd Warwick Sea Scouts

Wed 8 Sep 18:00 pm
St Nicholas Park, HQ, , Pickard St, Warwick , CV34 4PT
Providing community support for the 2nd Warwick Sea Scouts

Another day, another gardening mission. This time we will be helping with maintenance for the 2nd Warwick Sea Scouts' former Scout Hut. This will involve some general tidying, trimming and weeding.

We will be doing a short fitness session beforehand at the park so be ready for a good workout!

Please feel free to bring your own tools as this will be a big task!

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Alexandra Iseghohi signed up to a training session
Training session
Warwick & Leamington Spa

Fartlek training session

Wed 11 Aug 18:15 pm
St Nicholas Park, Banbury road, Warwick , CV34 4QY
A great run-specific speed endurance workout

A mid to high intensity Fartlek session to help with upcoming races and group runs!

Meet at the park cafe, opposite the children's playground.

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Alexandra Iseghohi completed a training run
Alexandra Iseghohi completed a training run
Alexandra Iseghohi went on a group run
Group run
Warwick & Leamington Spa

Never a 'dill' moment

Wed 28 Jul
Report written by Alexandra Iseghohi

What an amazing first group run back!

We had a lovely time doing a quick gardening job for Northleigh House School this past Wednesday. James and I started off with a 3km run from a nearby primary school under the threat of some ominous rain clouds and were met by Viv and David who had cycled. After a quick chat and some belly rubs for the dog, we went to work clearing the school's garden.

Our main tasks were the heavily overgrown path into the garden and the perimeter bushes which hadn't been tended to since the start of lockdown. Viv was extremely thankful and came out to show us some photos of students who would be moving on from the school at the end of the year.

After multiple wheelbarrow trips to the bonfire pile and a few nettle stings for good measure, we had made some considerable headway on the garden. Viv came out once more to thank us before we headed out for a 3km run back. A very big thank you to James for slowing the pace right down to drag me there and back!

The work being done at Northleigh is truly amazing and Viv's story was extremely inspirational. If you would like to hear more about Northeigh, please visit the school's website here

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Group run
Warwick & Leamington Spa

Gardening and upkeep for Northleigh School

Wed 28 Jul 18:00 pm
Northleigh School, Five Ways Road, Hatton, Warwick, CV35 7HZ
Helping tidy and brighten up indoor and outdoor facilities at Northleigh School


The start location for the group run will be "The Green" near Ferncumbe Primary School for anyone who would like to run/walk to the task. We will be meeting there at 6pm to get to Northleigh at 6:30pm.

Group Runs have finally returned!!!

We've been asked to come along to Northleigh School to help out with a variety of tasks to spruce up the building and surrounding area. These include trimming shrubs, painting furniture and weeding. This will likely end up being a series of tasks so if you can't make the first one, don't worry you'll get another chance.

The weather is looking very warm so please dress responsibly and stay hydrated.

I look forward to seeing you there!

The Run/walk: GoodGym is for everyone. We welcome runners of all abilities and it is often possible to walk to the task if you would prefer. We always have a back-marker so no-one is left behind - we're about achieving something together so you'll always be welcome no matter what your pace is.

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Alexandra Iseghohi signed up to a community mission
Community mission
Warwick & Leamington Spa

Volunteering at Leamington Canal Festival

Sun 27 Jun 07:30 am
LOTT Bazaar, 37 Clemens Street, Leamington Spa, CV31 2DP
Helping out the LOTT Bazaar team with the Leamington Canal Festival

We will be meeting on Sunday at 7.30am where we will be given instructions. Jobs include: Putting up gazebos and supplying them with chairs and tables Putting up signs and assisting stall holders as they arrive.

It is extremely busy between 7.30-10am while setting up is required and stall holders are arriving, which is when the team requires the most help. However, if anyone wants to stay for the duration and assist with social distancing and helping stall holders if needed, and generally just enjoying the day, they will be given a meal voucher for a free lunch.

There is also a chance to come back after the event to help dismantle the gazebos etc and tidy the street up..

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Alexandra Iseghohi completed a walk • Afternoon Walk
Sun 20 Jun
Alexandra Iseghohi went on a training session
Training session
Warwick & Leamington Spa

Moving the Goalposts

Wed 9 Jun
Report written by Alexandra Iseghohi

4 GoodGymers turned up for a very sweaty HIIT circuit combined with some cardio and core at St Nicholas' Park.

We started off with a short warm-up around the goalposts as the weather did most of the work for us and after some dynamic stretches we were ready to go. Alex opted for a "simple" bodyweight 10 minute AMRAP circuit consisting of:

15 squats 10 lunges 8 lunge/calf raises 10 jump squats 250m lap

As a group we started of very strong, powering through the first 3 exercises with ease, even with Philip swapping his squats for press-ups. The first signs of trouble began to appear at the by the 5th jump squat of round 1, at which point we began to realise that we may have grossly underestimated the challenge ahead. Nevertheless, we powered through the first 250m with James taking (and maintaining) a strong lead. Rounds two and three were a painful blur of huffing, puffing and lead legs - the final rounding marking the longest 10 minutes of our lives.

Once we'd slowed our heart rates down to an acceptable level, we went straight in with a tough core session. Although only ten exercises were performed, each was performed in a superset with mountain climbers and rest was kept low at 20 seconds. As Keziah rightly pointed out, 1 minute never feels longer than it does during a plank. After a brief discussion about planking world records, we finished off with a steady 1km (4 times around the goal posts). The final lap was a (literal) race to the finish with Keziah baiting us with a slow jog at first and turning on the jets on the final bend to take the win.

All in all a great session and it was lovely to see some familiar faces after such a long time in lockdown! Well done to Keziah for completing her first training session with us, 'twas a tough one! Also big shoutout to James for putting us all to shame despite recently coming back from injury.

Next Wednesday is likely to be another training session and don't forget we have a mission at Northleigh this Saturday!

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