Group run

The School Run

Monday, 13th of March 2017
Led by Mark Barun

11 runners ran 6.0km to help their local community in Richmond.

  • Victoria
  • Derryn Lovett
  • Richmond runner
  • Jenna Barun
  • Mark Barun
  • Jo Woodhouse
  • Jane Yelloly
  • Maciek Pisarski
  • Elaine Williams
  • Liz Bankes
  • Joanna

From the ‘ballerina pose’ to a new definition of ‘snacks to go’, we all had plenty to learn on our Monday night run to Thomson House School in Mortlake, including some orienteering skills. So after Jane shared round her coconut slices during warm up and Mark challenged us to reflect on and report back the thing we most disliked about running (a new approach to motivation?), our 11-strong team set off to meet a man called Jeremy.

It was a straight, fast run from Richmond to Mortlake, where we first of all detoured down the wrong road. Having searched in vain for our school, we loitered outside the church hall whilst waiting for further directions (or divine intervention) and were almost accidentally enrolled in the yoga class that was about to start inside. The yoga teacher helpfully redirected us to the right place and there we found Jeremy waiting for us with brooms and dustpans.

Thomson House is a Free primary school with an outstanding Ofsted rating and our task was to help Jeremy clean up the playground. We quickly set to sweeping up any loose bark and litter to help maintain the playground as a safe place to play, all the while accompanied by Derryn’s cheerful whistling.

We were joined on our run for the first time by the lovely Joanna who ran her first, and she maintains her last, marathon last year in Switzerland. We also cheered Liz for completing the 10-mile Larmer Tree race in Dorset at the weekend, which was a Good Gym organised event and Liz’s first ever trail run.

And what were the things people dislike most about running? Difficulty breathing, snotty noses and numb fingers featured in the list, whilst Mark confessed his to be pedestrians blocking the way. Sounds like trail running might be the thing for you, Mark…

Thanks Elaine for the run report, Victoria for some photos and Jo for the pun...Jeremy also wanted to thank you all already and sent me this message..

"Can' t thank you and your team enough for the effort and work you put in. Look forward to having you all here again and hopefully with a little more light!! Again, Thank you all very much."

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