St. Margarets Monday Mission

2 runners ran to help an isolated older person in Richmond.

  • Nicky West
  • Danny
Monday, 12th of November 2018

Our Monday Mission in St. Margarets was to get a bed down to the ground floor so that Ms. S could get back from hospital.

We met the amiable OT Rosie there who let us in, and knew what the plan was. She knew Ms. S from the hospital, and said that heretofore she had been trying to sleep in a riser/recliner chair in the living room and that this had taken an understandable toll on her both physically and mentally.

After making a bit of space for the bed in the living room, we carried it down the stairs, whilst Nicky expressed her passion for divans for their easy portability on GoodGym missions. 😄

Now sat on a hard floor compared to the carpet upstairs, the castors on the bed were liable to present a hazard to Ms. S, as the bed would skate about the place the moment you looked at it. Accordingly, we searched around for tools to remove them. When we’d just about given up hope, Rosie enigmatically presented a monkey wrench from her day visit bag, and we were in business. 🔧 Also lacking a screwdriver to reattach the headboard, Nicky knew that door keys would do the trick, so that hurdle was deftly traversed also. 🔑

With the furniture now moved, Nicky and Rosie moved the other items around the room to create a really nice considered homely and safe new living space for Ms. S, whilst I stood doing not a lot.

Rosie was due to see Ms. S today at the hospital, so we sent her some of our run report photos to show to her, so she knew what to expect upon returning home.

Coming back out into the rain, Nicky disappeared off on two wheels, and I went to watch Oldham just edge through to the second round of the FA Cup down the road at Hampton & Richmond. ⚽️ 😓

Report written by Danny

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