0 runners ran have an amazing time in Sheffield.

Monday, 18th of May 2020
Led by Andrew Waters

So, one of the problems with Zoom meetings is that, having been in lock down for many weeks, topics of conversation can be limited ... what day of the week is it; what time you got up; what the weather's been like; which box set you've binged on; and what time did you have the 1st White Russian of the day.

However, 16 GG Sheffield quizzers had no such problems. Our "bring your own questions" quiz started with the conventional - musicals, countries, the Apollo space mission and Yorkshire - but went on to more obscure areas ...

Italian cats, assault by sex toys, Tesco 1 star product reviews and Caroline's unique questions, grouped by the (lack of) merit of the questions rather than a theme (see the report title above).

Though she only managed to come up with 3 questions, she did get us talking about babies, heroin and Damien Hurst! But topic of the night came from Steve - "nut packet composition analysis" - I bet nobody has had that in a quiz before. It was therefore apt that he also won the quiz, with an impressive score of 24.5, and this weeks prize of a packet of Italian made pasta. Buon appetito Steve! Fino a lunedi prossimo ....

Report written by Andrew Waters

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