Group run

Get up to anything last night? Oh nothing mulch!

5 GoodGymers made their way 5.2km to help their local community in Greenwich.

  • Amy Boalch
  • Sarah Place
  • Ben Cooper
  • Thomas Wilkinson
  • Lucy Wood
Wednesday, 29th of June 2016
Led by Rachel Henry

5 awesome runners tackled hills, drizzle and 5km of Greenwich roads to shift more mulchy wood chips at Mycenae House Gardens!

Well what a nice evening that turned out to be! I know we had a little bit of rain but that didn't stop you guys!

Last night we were joined by new GoodGymmer, the lovely Lucy! Give her a cheer here and make her feel welcome :) We were also graced with the presence of Tom, Amy & Ben - well done everyone for making it even when it looked pretty miserable outside!

No bags to check in this time so we headed over to do a little warm up. So last week I spoilt you guys with cones and this week the props just kept on comin' but this time with a speaker! How exciting. So Tinie Tempah helped us through our warm up. A few star jumps, high knees, squats and butt kicks to get all the muscles ready for what was about to come!

Take a hill pill

Ooh a hill pill, how amazing would that be. Just pop a pill and be good at hills! Well you guys certainly seemed to have popped them because you flew up there at the speed of light! Super impressed. You're all definitely getting faster up that beast, well done.

Out of the park and onto the residential roads. Chatting away with Lucy and we quickly realised we had a mutual friend... my boyfriend... haha! London is clearly smaller than we think!

A mile and a bit later, we arrived at Mycenae House greeted by a trio of lovely ladies, Eileen, Shirley & Ann. We got to work straight away (well after a photo of course!!!) and began lifting and shifting those woodchips. Tom was chief bag-holder-opener whilst the rest of the crew filled it up. It's easy to get carried away and fill it to the top but then realising you can't move it at all is a bit of a bummer but these guys were on the ball! And nice safe lifting techniques all round to take it to the other side of the garden. Those chips were being cleared in no time (mm chips).

The mulch was being spread the other side by Shirley who we all agreed was a pretty stylish gardener! The rain started to come down, not particularly hard but enough to soak everything! But of course that didn't stop these do-gooders. 30 minutes in and it was all shifted. Excellent job!

We had a little drink, chatted about coconut water and said our goodbyes to our lovely hosts. Back through the park we went and stopped off on my favourite hill and viewpoint to do our fitness session.


So EMOM stands for every minute on the minute (it should be emotm really shouldn't it). Anyway, its a great easy way to get some high intensity bodyweight exercises into your runs and workouts. Just pick a 3-4 exercises and do each one for 6-10 reps as fast as you can and you have the rest of the minute to recover! Then when the minute is up you do it all over again. Simples! Last night we did some good ol' classic exercises. It's nice to do some fun interesting exercises but every now and then I like to take it back to basics! 10 press ups, 10 sit ups and 10 squats. Hitting the back, chest & arms with the press ups, the core with the sit ups and the legs with the squats. Full body blast.. nice! All that and with a view of the whole of London right in front of us :) 5 minutes of EMOM and we were done! I'm sure those muscles felt it!

Usually we go down the steep hill we came up but actually it was pretty slippy so we found a new route down hooray! We got back, had a little stretch and I challenged everyone to think of a pun for the run report title, which is the most stressful part of this job! Much appreciated guys! Or should I say, mulch appreciated ;)

Really fantastic effort last night gang, as always!! I promise we'll go back and actually do the shrub beds soon! ;)

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