Extreme gardening

2 runners ran to help an isolated older person in Swindon.

  • Kirsty Hodgson
  • Gina Johnston
Sunday, 24th of May 2020

Today Kirsty and Gina trekked to the home of the delightful Mrs S to make safe her garden for herself and her 2 children. We arrived and were invited into the back garden via a pathway and we surveyed the task. The garden was on three levels and needed a haircut and a manicure from the winter. Materials supplied included a lawnmower, a brand new, still in the box strimmer and some garden tools. Kirsty and Gina set about the mission in true GG style, and the morning went quickly and included a session of chain gang karaoke. The challenges arose and were dealt with throughout and our newly acquired skills included assembling said new still in box strmimer, staying socially distant and identification of pointy horrible thorn bushes. A quick sweep up and 5 bin bags later we completed the mission and knocked on the door to inform Mrs S where her oldest son was eagerly waiting to reward us with a personally created thank you card.

Report written by Gina Johnston

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Kirsty Hodgson
Kirsty Hodgson
Sunday May 24th, 2020 22:33

Such a lovely mission to be part of today 😊

Tracey C
Tracey C
Sunday May 24th, 2020 22:41

Well done ladies! Fab job, and love the thank you note :)

Helen Saville
Helen Saville
Sunday May 24th, 2020 22:48

Well done its lovely to get a thank you from the little one too x

Jo O'Leary
Jo O'Leary
Monday May 25th, 2020 06:32


Nikki Costain
Nikki Costain
Tuesday May 26th, 2020 11:20

Well done, Gina and Kirsty!

Emma Sperring
Emma Sperring
Tuesday May 26th, 2020 15:21

Thank you so much Gina and Kirsty. The little ones will be able to play in the garden again because of your garden β€˜manicure’ 😊

Ben Humphrey
Ben Humphrey
Tuesday May 26th, 2020 15:24

Well done and thank you team.

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