Crumbs with the tea-rritory

2 runners ran to help an isolated older person in Haringey.

  • James Gilbert
  • Kat Kelly
Saturday, 21st of October 2017
Here's what Mr J of N11 had to say about the mission:

"They were extremely extremely extremely good. They were very polite, very thorough, and very nice. They did a brilliant job."

Mr J of N11, mission beneficiary

Kat and James combined forces on a fresh Saturday morning to clear Mr J’s garden of weeds.

The wind was up and so were we - early on our Saturday morning to get in some GoodGym action before midday. Starting at the slightly-more-civilised-than-parkrun-according-to-Kat hour of 10am, we met at Mr J’s place in north London to help out in his garden.

Mr J was very pleased to see us and had everything ready to go. We got to work clearing weeds from three large planters (two out back, one out front), several pots and all the cracks in the pavement.

The sun shone. The wind whistled. We even had a sprinkling of rain at one point. It was a great morning to be outside enjoying the elements.

Mr J was very courteous, insisting we stop for a cup of tea and biscuits at one point - inadvertently inspiring the name of this run report.

Tea and crumbs dutifully dispatched, we headed back out to finish up in the garden. The planters, pots and pavement were now completely cleared of weeds. At this point in tennis they say "game, set and match!"... but we weren't playing tennis so nobody said it.

Mr J was very pleased and before we left he obliged us by taking a photo of us for this report. How did he know I look best in soft focus?

Report written by James Gilbert

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