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2 runners ran to help an isolated older person in Islington.

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Saturday, 19th of November 2016

Two green fingered goodgymers ran to Tufnell Park on Saturday to tidy up Miss Ms garden.

Mary has Parkinson's so hasn't been able to manage her garden recently. Kike & Hazel ran over to help on Saturday, & were greeted by her confused son wondering what was going on. After a bit of explaining on both sides we agreed we'd found the right place, he'd just been surprised to see girls! Order restored, Mary showed us the garden and the saplings that had started growing at the end garden, from seeds dropped by the trees on the road outside. The fully grown trees were pretty sizeable if left the little trees could cause big problems in the future.

Our job then was to dig these up. We started by chopping back a load of brambles and overgrown plants, and lopping tops off the offending trees to get access to start digging. The first tree seemed determined to stay in situ with roots growing straight down and down and down. But our energy was not sapped & after 20 minutes digging and a good tug out it came. Only 5 to go...

Thankfully most of the others were much less stubborn, & we motored on, although not without a couple comedy moments, where tree tug of wars ended with one or other of us on our backs... Trees out we also took loppers to some hydrangeas that needed cutting back for winter and raked up the leaves covering the top of the garden, before bagging everything up, with some excellent packing to get almost all the greenery into the only two available green bags.

Mary seemed pretty pleased with the end result giving both of us a big hug as we left, & an invite to return to tidy the bottom part of the garden in the future....

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