Passionate about working for charitable purposes and keeping fit. Hope to be a super cool runner one day soon and complete a longish run


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Yusra signed up to a training session
Training session

Online Yoga/Mobility Sessions

Mon 15 Feb 18:20 pm
Your Street, Your City, Your Post Code
Helping to keep you bendy and injury free

Join us every Monday, 6.20-7pm GMT

If you're aiming to keep running through winter, mobility is key to staying strong and injury free. Conditioning sessions are essential, yet are often neglected.

To help you stay on track this winter, Rapha is hosting a series of 40-minute sessions every Monday evening from 6.20-7pm to keep you limber and ready, run by Daisy Hughes. Although 'geared' toward cyclists, the sessions are still very applicable to runners.

The sessions are focused on improving your mobility and flexibility. The predominant areas focussed on are; hip flexors, hamstrings, quads and the back. We will work on each of these muscle groups to increase range of motion which will translate to increased flexibility and injury prevention.

All sessions are completely free. You can sign up to every session and make it part of your weekly routine, or simply drop in to one or two. Please sign up by noon on the day of each session and you'll be emailed a Zoom meeting link to join. You'll need a mat and ideally a chair, small ball like a trigger point massage ball or apple, and a long band like a belt or a dressing gown strap.

About Daisy: Daisy Hughes is a personal trainer specialising in yoga, mobility and calisthenics. Daisy also trains as a stunt woman and has competed for Great Britain in the Triathlon World Championships.

Find out more at: https://daisyhughes.com/



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Training session


Wed 10 Feb
Report written by Tim Dickson

Arghhh, this challenge was a toughy and i personally couldn't complete it. Having said this we have some super heros who have smashed it, well done guys n gals 💪🏻

I've got more challenges and workouts for next week so make sure you keep and eye out for them 👀

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Training session
Kingston upon Thames

Strength plan for feet and ankles

Sun 28 Feb 18:45 pm
Your Street, Your City, Your Postcode
Get more out of those pins!

We put heaps of force through our body when we exercise and many runners will have had some experience of pain and injury during their training days.

I know some at GG and other clients I have trained have expressed the frustration and pain off shin splints etc so as part of a fitness routine I have put together a few ideas here that can help prevent it as well as assist with rehab on the way out of it.

These are not to guarantee that bouts of injury will never happen again, but they are to help strengthen those muscles that we take for granted every time we lace up and to help offset injury probability.

In most cases such injuries and pains are likely be from too much too soon, lack of recovery from bigger sessions as well as gait and trainer issues so if you are prone to or experiencing injury do consult a physio or medic first and build up slowly with the least intense methods first.

Session can be found here https://youtu.be/3aotfg-E120

You probably know but just a reminder …doing these once or twice will not set you up for stronger conditioned lower legs for life. They need to be incorporated into a regular pattern of activity. Let’s keep this one live for February and aim for aspects of the plan at least twice a week

Let me know if you have any questions ; - )

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Training session

Sassy Strength Session (virtual workout)

Mon 22 Feb 18:30 pm
Wanstead House Community Association, 21 The Green, London, E11 2NT
Get a stronger body and stronger mind

We'll be focusing on 'smaller muscles' - the ones that get forgotten but are as important to our health and fitness as other major muscle groups (e.g. gluteus maximus but not gluteus minimus) . This is a slower pace exercise session to build strength (no cardio here!) and designed so that we get a little bit of energy pre-dinner to finish Monday on a high. Exercises are focused on running/walking/cycling form improvement.

See you there!

Details to log in will be sent 30 - 60min before the session, please check your emails and don't be late:).

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Training session

February Challenge: Love Barnsley

Sun 14 Feb 00:00 am
., ., ., .
Create some heartfelt Strava art in Barnsley

Now it's time for the February Challenge, creating a heart using Strava somewhere around Barnsley. Yes, it's a fabulously cliched theme challenge! As always, send in your photos/screenshots via the WhatsApp group or by email to: rachael@goodgym.org.

If February goes as quickly as January did you'll want to get on this one asap!

Happy running/walking/cycling/moving 👟👟

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Yusra signed up to a training session
Training session


Wed 10 Feb 18:00 pm
Crook Log Leisure Centre, Brampton Rd, , Bexleyheath,, DA7 4HH
Awesome core strength builder that’s loads of fun 🤩

Hi ya Goodgymers, this weeks challenge is “THE GRIT DEVIL“

You can use this challenge when you’ve finished your, walk, run, bike ride or fitness session, or just do it as a stand alone challenge. Start the challenge today and keep trying till you can smash it. (PS if you want to make it tougher, instead off going into elbow planks do a press up each time) the challenge finishes this Friday, can you do it?

Knowing how important a strong core is for running, walking and cycling this weeks challenge is to see just how strong yours is.

The Rules. You’ll need the song ‘Let it Be’ by the Beatles You’ll need to take a video / photo of the challenge (Doesn’t have to be perfect)

Set yourself up in the press-up / straight arm plank position. Each time you hear the words ‘Let it Be’ you drop down to your right elbow, then your left elbow, (into the elbow plank position) then push up onto your right hand, then your left hand back into to push up position.

If you have to put your knees down at anytime that’s is fine but try and get back as soon as possible.

It is a tough challenge but a fun one. Our challenge is for one completed song, you have till Friday to smash it 👊🏻😃

#coreisking #challenge

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Tue 9 Feb
Yusra completed a walk • Afternoon Walk
Tue 9 Feb
Yusra signed up to a training session
Training session

Valentine's Day Fun Run

Sun 14 Feb 00:30 am
Ipswich centre, Ipswich, IP1 2AL
Some fun and maybe some love?

It may be valentine's day but let's not make that an excuse for not getting out on our Sunday Runday. Instead, combine the two:

  • maybe run for 14.2 kilometres, or
  • complete sprint intervals for 1:42 seconds, or
  • try and keep your heart rate below 142 beats per minute,
  • or if you're on a long slow run, how about running for 142 minutes

Don't forget to send your photos from your run to alan@goodgym.org

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Yusra has run a 10k for the first time. Mon 8 Feb 2021

Yusra has just run their first 10k. 10,000 metres would take you most of the way across London. It's far. Yusra now knows a bit of what it might be like to be Mo Farah.

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