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Yusra completed a walk • Sunday walk
Sun 27 Mar
Yusra completed a walk • Beautiful morning walk.
Sat 26 Mar
Yusra signed up to a group run
Group run

Community Garden Warriors

Wed 6 Apr 18:00 pm
Ipswich centre, Ipswich, IP1 2AL
Support a gardening project to be more sustainable and make it more welcoming for the community to visit

Let's make the space as welcoming and inviting as possible. This will in turn make others want to visit and share the word that this is a valuable community space for all.

All support will help to offer a safe place that will benefit both mental and physical health. Lots of tasks available for us to help with over the next few months such as

  • woodwork treating, painting and varnishing
    • general gardening tasks such as seed sowing, planting, watering, weeding and grass cutting.
    • Developing our wildlife area.
    • Crafting, pebble painting, painting CD's, making fun signage and decorations to enhance the colours of the outdoor space, particularly near the main entrance to the community garden.
    • Developing the sensory spaces

So, there will be lots of tasks to look forward to.

Make sure to bring your own gloves, head torches if you have one and wear comfortable clothing and footwear but not your best gear!

Any questions, please do ask.

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Yusra completed a walk • Shortish one
Thu 27 Jan
Yusra has run in five different GoodGym areas. Thu 27 Jan 2022

Yusra is a (wo)man about town, it's clear to see. They've visited 5 different areas and they are loved for it. Keep spreading the goodness.

Yusra completed a walk • GoodGym.Leeds run
Wed 26 Jan
Yusra went on a group run
Group run

Upcycling chairs for the wedding of the century at KV Farm!

Wed 26 Jan
Report written by Gemma

Last night, 13 GoodGym guys and girls headed over to Kirkstall Valley Development Trust HQ to paint chairs for a wedding taking place this May. Everyone either walked, ran or cycled to the task, which was so great to see - some people even added to their commute by adding in a couple of extra hills! :P

Brillaint work Aron, Tom, Rob, Katie, Damu, Jenny, Gemma and Suzie

Thanks to Katie for the excellent photos, and to Helen for being a brill walk leader. It was also great to have Yusra joining us from Sheffield GoodGym and GoodGym head office!

On arrival at the task, we were given a stack of chairs to wipe, sand and paint. We each took on a chair for ourselves and then helped each other out so that we applied a first coat of paint to over 15 chairs. It was a brilliant upcycling task, and hopefully, will go some way to helping the KVDT guys to prepare for their super spring wedding.

It was the first Group run for two of our newest members: Cass and Simone - and they were both great, making their way to the task on foot and then getting stuck straight in with the painting. Well done Cass and Simone!

As the chairs will require another coat of paint, and there are lots more chairs, tables and other furniture to prepare, we will be back at KVDT soon. If you would like to join us next time, sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with all our latest tasks and news. We would love to see you!

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Yusra completed a walk • Stockport GoodGym run
Tue 25 Jan
Yusra went on a group run
Group run


Tue 25 Jan
Report written by Sian Dobson Hughes

Last night's group run saw 6 fabulous GoodGymers attend to hand deliver leaflets for Stockport Libraries, pacing the residential areas of Brinnington on a crisp dry night.

Stockport Libraries are trying to encourage local residents to make use of the incredible facilities that Brinnington Library has to offer. From toddler story time to a chatty cafe to ancestry tracing and the standard book checkout service, it really does have it all.

We were lucky enough to welcome our very own task owner, Jenni, on the task - to light the way with her knowledge of the local area and join us for her very first GoodGym run!

Massive shout out to Jo, who absolutely smashed her first GoodGym session - we hope to see you at many more to come! ☺️

To add to GoodGym mix, our resident GoodGym central team member and Sheffield residents, Yusra, travelled across the Pennines to clock up those miles for the January Challenge... and ran until the bitter end, making sure she finished with a round 5km mileage!

Our 5km run took us to a gleaming maze of new-brick houses, and the destination for our leaflet drop. Like little mice, we scurried and posted from door to door... meeting a few residents along the way and spreading the word.

To celebrate the end our run, we had a mini celebration parade to award Rob a well deserved medal for kindly (daftly?) taking on a chunk of our area activators miles in the Run Up To Christmas.

Tuesday, we smashed it mate! 💪

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Sat 22 Jan
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