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Tom Elcock signed up to a training session
Training session

Run (or walk) to celebrate GG York's 4th birthday

Sat 23 Jan 06:00 am
From Home, Your Pad, HOME X
Mark our fourth birthday with a special run or walk

On 23rd January 2021, GG York is four years old!

Though we can't get together in our usual fashion to celebrate, we can use it as an excuse to do a little bit of extra running or walking and tot up some more distance for the January Challenge.

You just need to do an activity to mark the occasion. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Run/ walk 4 miles or 4 km
  • Create some birthday / GG York themed strava art
  • Visit the site of as many previous GG tasks as you can find/ remember / have the energy for
  • Convert the total number of good deeds you've done into minutes and run or walk for that long
  • Plan your run to go past the old Brigantes building and look wistfully into the window
  • Do a good deed. If there's nothing official listed, you could always litter pick in your local area.
  • Run along some (or even all!) of the paths we've helped create / maintain - suggestions include Heworth Home, Danesmead Wood, Acomb Wood, Chapman's pond, Hull Road Park and Mayfield Public open space
  • Recreate a previous fitness session - perhaps Windmill Rise hill reps, a beep test, a 1 mile time trial on Tadcaster road, step reps at Clifford's tower, duck walks swims at Rowntree Park, or an (imaginary) indian file across Hob Moor.
  • Eat cake, but in an active way.

Have fun, make sure you stick to the rules of lockdown, and let us know what you get up to via the Facebook or Whatsapp group.

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Tom Elcock completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Sat 16 Jan
Tom Elcock completed a training run • Morning Run
Sat 16 Jan
Tom Elcock completed a training run • Morning Run
Sat 16 Jan
Tom Elcock completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Mon 11 Jan
Tom Elcock completed a training run • Morning Run
Sat 9 Jan
Tom Elcock completed a training run • Evening Run
Mon 4 Jan
Tom Elcock went on a community mission
Community mission

No junk mail please!

Mon 4 Jan
Report written by Michal Czekajlo

Today we went to help our friends from the British Heart Foundation to deliver 1200 flyers promoting their new store at Clifton Moor

Rush saw us litter picking at the Rawcliffe P&R back in November and decided to join the club. Today was her first mission. *Give her a big cheer people! *

Welcomed by Daniel and his colleague from the British Heart Foundation we were handed delivery maps and piles of promotional flyers.

Do you accept CD's and DVD's - Ed

Ed took the opportunity to ask if his collection of CD's and DVD's would be welcomed by the new BHF store.

After the briefing we split up in pairs and went delivering. The weather wasn't on our side today, with rain turning to sleet. After about 45 minutes me and Lucy have finished our round and my fingers were freezing. Lucy jogged back home, which is on the other side of the town, to clock more km's towards the January Challenge and I went back to the meeting point to see if anyone brought back any undelivered flyers. Having finished their round, that was closest to the start location, Tom and Jackie were already waiting outside the Library. Soon after Max, Richard, Debs and Nicola turned up. Jenna, Rush, Ed and Amy went back home straight after delivery, with Ed and Amy visiting the wetpour removal task location (part of the Bingo thing that we are doing this month) on their way home.

Everyone made a significant contribution to the January Challenge distance and some Strava art has been created with Max calling his the 'stag with antlers'.

The planned opening of the new BHF shop on Clifton Moor may be delayed by the introduction of new restrictions, however local residents will have information handy in readiness for the opening.

All in all the mission was a success and a great occasion for a catch up before the lockdown no 3.

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Tom Elcock signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Revitalising the Riverside Way

Tue 19 Jan 18:30 pm
Stadium Health & Fitness Club, Stadium Way, Huddersfield, HD1 6PG

Please note that this community mission has been cancelled.

Removing rubbish from our local trail

Once again the Riverside Way is starting to look a bit rubbish. The usual untidiness is beginning to accumulate on the route, so armed with the GoodGym litterpickers and black bags we'll work our way along the Way from the Stadium to the Snow Island removing the rubbish as we go.

Bring your gloves and headtorches, we'll meet outside the Stadium Health & Fitness Club for an hour of high intensity litter picking. As ever please walk, run or cycle to the task if you can.

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Tom Elcock went on a community mission
Community mission

Shelf defeating

Sun 3 Jan
Report written by Tom Elcock

Two runners made it to Growing Better this afternoon to help out.

Due to the continued COVID situation they've had to entirely reconsider their priorities, as a non-profit organisation, they've had to adapt to no longer being able to count on sales to restaurants of their micro-greens to sustain other activities.

This meant that the steel racking shelving that bolted into the container that supported their hydoponics systems needed unbolting and dissasembling, the lights removing and everything stacking so that they can utilise the space for the next stage as they change their priorities and make space for some new placement students coming to help them develop the business plan.

Due to being indoors we had to keep numbers to a minimum, and were masked up, muffled, and distancing throughout, but we're assured of new outdoor tasks on the horizon allotment once we're through the cold patch at least!

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