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Tom went on a community mission
Community mission

Turning compost bins

Mon 19 Apr

The leaf compost at West Bank Park needs turning again. Kristina asked us to do all the compost bin locations in the park. Compost created is used in flower beds across West Bank Park and transported to other parks in York.

Bring your gardening gloves.


Due to limit on participation we had to arrange staggered start for this mission.

18:30 start: Ellie, Kieran, Abi, Kay, Tom and Barbara

18:45 start: Debs, Michael, Ed, Amy C, Amy T and Laura

Please arrive for the time specified above. Meeting location is by the tools shed at the James Backhouse Place, YO24 2NS park entrance. There you will be met by Kristina who will take you to the compost bins, explain the task and supply with tools.

Please stay only with your group while at the task.

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Tom signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Gardening at Royds Hall Orchard

Sun 2 May 11:00 am
Royds Hall School, Luck Lane, Huddersfield , HD3 4HA
Saving trees for the local community to enjoy

Come and help the Friends of RoydsHall Orchard rescue some fruit trees that are covered in brambles. Hopefully we should still be to admire the apple blossom in the orchard. If you can bring some secateurs with you that would be helpful.

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Tom went on a community mission
Community mission

Mission Impotatoble

Sun 18 Apr
Report written by Louise Galvin

For today's mission we were gifted with sunshine and fabulous views at the Growing Communities site in Golcar.

Our second visit to this inspiring venture, our task today was uncovering and digging over a big plot for planting potatoes. After two years covered and a wet winter the job seemed a daunting one with heavy clay soil providing a full body workout!

Each taking a section of the plot and working hard while chatting in the warm sun, what seemed like an impossible task rapidly transformed into a neatly turned over patch ready for the spuds! All agreed it was very satisfying.

Great job done today by Tom, Tom, Zena, Kati, Annie, David and Louise. Thank you also to Jan, Sam and Chris from Growing Communities for welcoming us again.

The potatoes will supply the Welcome Centre, helping feed Huddersfield's homeless communities, and also be sold through local retailers to buy next year's seeds. We can't wait to come back to harvest the crop!

There is lots going on at the site throughout the year and with plans for a pond and lots more crops it will be a place where communities can meet, work and grow together.

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Tom completed a walk • Morning Hike
Sun 18 Apr
Tom signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Rowntree Park is calling us

Mon 3 May 18:30 pm
Rowntree Park Reading Cafe, Richardson Street, York, YO23 1JU
Enhance the park for its users

Friends of West Bank Park asked for our expert help with putting up some fence posts. Having completed similar project at a local school recently we definitely have the know-how for this task. We may be asked to help with some gardening tasks too.

Stu, the lead volunteer gardener will meet us by the park café/library. He will be around to explain the task, get tools etc.

Please bring your gardening gloves.

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Tom completed a walk • Afternoon Walk
Fri 16 Apr
Tom completed a walk • Lunch Walk
Fri 16 Apr
Tom signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Growing Communities by Getting Busy on their Vegetable Plot

Sun 18 Apr 10:30 am
Parkwood Road, Golcar, Huddersfield, HD7 4QW
Helping this important community project maintain their vegetable garden

Growing Communities is all about building connections between people and the land through growing vegetables, plants and trees. Their site off Parkwood Road in Golcar is being cultivated to produce vegetables which are used by other local people and community organisations.

GoodGym helped last year digging over the potato beds and now we are returning to help plant the new crop! A great workout for a Sunday morning! So get your gardening gloves on and run, walk or ride over to Golcar to do yet another good job in our local community,

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Tom went on a community mission
Community mission

Grille and Bed's Excellent Digventure

Thu 15 Apr
Report written by Leanne Allsopp

Eight Goodgymmers. Two tasks.

Team A (Babs, Katie and Cara) were tasked with removing the dog grille and filling up the hole it left behind with hardcore. Amongst their tools were some javelin sized crow bars for levering up the grille, tampers, shovels, a wheelbarrow and some brooms to sweep the basket ball courts if there was time.

Meanwhile, Team B ( Paul Kelly, Laura, Tom, Leanne, and Kieran - when he eventually found the way to the park) set to work on digging up roots around the picnic area to make a bed for pollinator seeds to be planted at a later date.

Are we going for quality or quantity? (Laura)

As a seasoned Goodgymmer, she should have known better - it's always quantity over quality!!

The Grillsters were quick to finish their work and took it upon themselves to edge the basketball court, as well as sweep it. They still had time to play on the confusing outdoor gym equipment, perhaps thanks to some of the Weedsters setting down their spades and forks to help move the heavy dog grille out of the way. Even so, the Weedsters certainly met their 'quantity' goal and filled up four one tonne sacks with roots and dragged them over to the compost heap on their way back to the tool shed.

With a job well done we set off into the sunset on our respective journey's home.

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