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Community mission

Food delivery with Shoreditch Trust

Tue 24 Nov 11:20 am
Waterhouse Restaurant , 10 Orsman Road, London, N1 5QJ
Helping Hackney’s most in need

An amazing new partnership with the Shoreditch Trust!!

We pick up parcels from the Waterhouse Restaurant at 11:20 and route will take around an hour to deliver about 10 parcels. Ruck sacks and panniers would be helpful!

We will be delivering food parcels to members of our community who are seriously ill, recovering from a stroke or usually rely on carers family or friends because they are unable to prepare food themselves. cannot safely visit a food bank because of mobility problems, risks to their health or risks to someone they provide care for. are without friends and family to drop off shopping. are homeless, and living in temporary accommodation with no kitchens, or shared facilities which are unsafe for them to use.

We really need your help to make these deliveries so be great to have you along!! Best ways to get about on the delivery routes will be walking or bikes! Might get a bit messy running!! We will get routes the day before and will pair you up with another GoodGymer or 2.

If you would like to be in pair group with someone in particular let me know at Once we have pairs sorted I will open up listing to allow groups of 3. If you would prefer to do delivery solo just let me know.

Any problems on the day message me (Joel) on 07895628708.

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Sayra Tekin signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Cyclists wanted! Ringcross Community Centre Foodbank

Fri 4 Sep 16:00 pm
Ringcross Community Centre, 60 Lough Rd, London, N7 8RH
Delivering essential supplies to local neighbourhood families

Ringcross Community Centre has been operating a large foodbank since the start of lockdown, and currently offers food and essentials to over 70 Islington households every week.

Islington Cycle Club have also offered assistance to the project, by arranging a food collection pickup from shops and supermarkets, often using a cargo e-bike.

Goodgym have offered to assist with delivering shopping parcels to various households around Islington (no more than 2 miles from the community centre).

Would you like to be a foodbank cycle courier?

All deliveries will be prepared in advance, with addresses and contact phone numbers attached to the parcels.

You will need:

A bike

A method for carrying pretty heavy stuff

This can be pannier bags, or a large rucksack (12 ltrs or larger). Most deliveries would be the size of 4 shopping bags of items, so a larger capacity bag will make your trip easier. A few spare bags will be available to borrow if required.

There are 3 large bags available to borrow if you are without a suitable rucksack!

Some sort of map

Google maps on your phone would be fine.

Confidence when cycling on London streets

We are looking for safe cyclists! Steady, controlled and predictable cycling is preferred over speedy deliveries!

Any questions, feel free to contact Simon Fitzmaurice (Islington Trainer).

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Sayra Tekin has run their first missions with GoodGym. Fri 21 Aug 2020

Sayra has just done something they've never done before. Sayra has just run a mission; they've changed their running route and run to help someone who really needed their help.

Sayra Tekin went on a mission

Collect and donate books to local charity shop for Mr A.

Thu 20 Aug

GoodGym has been asked by Age UK Islington if 1-2 runners are available to help Mr A again, who would like to donate his books to charity. He has quite a large collection. He has already bagged up the books and just needs them taken to the local charity shop. He is aware that only a small number of books can be taken by the volunteers. Two GoodGym volunteers previously helped Mr A with this task at the weekend.

It appears the nearest charity shops to Mr A's home are on the Kingsland Road (Oxfam open 1000-1715 Mon to Fri or Mind) - c15 min walk or Oxfam on Upper Street (open 1000-1800 Mon to Fri) - c30 min walk.

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Sayra Tekin has been Mission Verified. Sun 9 Aug 2020

Congratulations to Sayra who is now Mission Verified. They're now ready to start running GoodGym missions to help older people and running alone to community mission. Give Sayra a cheer to kickstart their mission running career.

Sayra Tekin went on a training session
Training session

Killer Kilometre August!

Mon 3 Aug
Report written by Simon Fitzmaurice

Five avid Goodgym folks joined us for our final GG Islington fitness session at The Emirates for a while. We are certainly hoping to bring these back again soon, but we are also excited to participate in our traditional group runs again from 10th April onwards (watch this space!).

Tonight's session was a continuation of Goodgym Islington's ongoing "Killer Kilometre" challenge- started as a virtual workout during lockdown and proving to be a popular test of running fitness for our GG crew!

Before taking on a hard effort (1km of fast running is hard work!), we engaged in a series of dynamic warm up exercises to prepare for the main session. A skips, A walks, butt kicks, high knees, capioca and can can exercises helped to condition the body for running fast. We also committed to a set of 5 strides- switching between recovery pace to top speed and back again in quick succession.

Our crew did an excellent job on the trial itself, with every runner completing a 1 km loop of the Emirates Stadium in 4 min 30 sec or quicker. Fantastic work, folks! Super impressive!

Next Monday evening, we will be commencing our first group run and volunteering task combo since March at Thornhill Square Gardens. Sign up here to get involved:

And if you fancy another one of our organised fitness sessions, Trainer Simon will be leading a Kenyan Hills workout at Parliament Hill on Sunday 16th August. Followed by coffee and breakfast in a lovely Hampstead cafe!

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Sayra Tekin signed up to a training session
Training session

Weekly Fitness Session: Killer Kilometre August!

Mon 3 Aug 19:00 pm
The Arsenal Community Hub, 56 Benwell Road, London, N7 7BA
Coached interval sessions at the Emirates Stadium every week!

A Change to our Weekly Running Fitness Challenges

In absence of our usual group runs, Goodgym Islington will be releasing a weekly running fitness session for you to try in your local area.

Following the slight relaxing of Covid restrictions, there will now be 2 ways to get involved with our sessions.

This is trainer led session at the Emirates stadium (our meeting point for GG Islington group runs). During this session, we must maintain 2 metre social distancing. It will be great to run with Goodgym friends again!

Open for all paces, not just speedy speedsters! Recommended for folks who can run for 40 minutes or more consistently.

Killer Kilometre August 2020

In June, Goodgym Islington hosted a virtual 1 kilometre time trial workout for any runner to try out at home. And last month, we set up the inaugural Killer Kilometre group training session at the Emirates Stadium.

Come and join us for a speedy running challenge, and see how fast you can run a kilometre!

Trainer Simon will introduce some dynamic warm up exercises and some activation drills before the time trial, and we will finish up with an effective cool down and stretches. Great tips and tricks for the next time you try a tough sprint or a fast race!

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