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Sara completed a walk • Afternoon Walk
Tue 12 Jan
Sara has done a 12 month mission streak. Tue 5 Jan 2021

Wow, Sara has completed a 12 month mission streak. That means they've cleared gardens, moved furniture and changed light bulbs in spring, summer, autumn and even winter. Show your support and give them a massive cheer!

Sara completed a walk • Evening Walk
Tue 5 Jan
Sara went on a community mission
Community mission

Helping Slough Outreach

Tue 5 Jan
Report written by Sara

2 runners went over to help Slough Outreach with their daily mission of giving out hot meals to those in need

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Sara completed a walk • Evening Walk
Tue 5 Jan
Sara completed a walk • Lunch Walk
Fri 1 Jan
Sara went on a party

And the winner of 2020 is.....

Wed 30 Dec
Report written by Manjit Birk

All of you

It been a heck of a year. We had a great start to 2020 with our epic Get Berkshire Active Award back in February (that was probably our last big night out for most of us!)

Despite everything that 2020 has thrown at us, we still managed an awesome 1108 Good Deeds (to put this into perspective in 2019 our total was 836!).

A huge thank you and well done to everyone in this ‘party’ as its been your ongoing contributions that has helped us achieve this. So here is the breakdown of our awesomeness:-

  • Group Runs – 11
  • Wellbeing calls – 205
  • Community Missions – 153
  • Coach calls – 49
  • Missions to older and vulnerable residents – 50
  • Quizzes – 6
  • Fitness training sessions – 17

Follow the leader

Everyone wants to be on the leaderboard right (except when it involves the C word! - which will not be mentioned in this report)

So, here are our top 5 Mission Team:

  • Sara with 21
  • Sut with 15
  • Chris with 9
  • Pam with 6
  • Jen with 2

Our highest Good Deeders Team:

  • Manjit with 189
  • Sut with 134
  • Emily with 104
  • Sara with 103
  • Jenny with 80

Finally Going the distance amongst us were:

  • Chris with 1627km
  • Ricky with 1469km
  • Manjit with 1267km
  • Joseph with 883 km and
  • Pam with 798 km

Reward with Awards

I can't buy you all a drink (maybe in 2021!), however I would like to say thank you in my own way to everyone who has attended a few sessions in 2020 (apologies to those not included – just means we need you back in 2021!)

In no particular order, the Awards for:

  • Best Terra-ble Pun goes to Jen for all her hard work in setting up this amazing task
  • Best Newcomer Male goes to Joseph (200km and counting for January?)
  • Best Newcomer Female goes to Jess - look forward to having you join us in more tasks in 2021
  • Best Run-Away Award goes to Ricky – now your first marathon is over we expect you back to do good!
  • Best ‘Dressed’ Award goes to Sutyee for all her efforts with Thames Hospice and for just being a superstar with your good deeds
  • Best Buggy Runner Award goes to Chrissy – hope to see you more in 2021?
  • Best Cat Woman Award goes to Emily – well done on your epic number of good deeds and for always supporting Slough despite living in Ealing
  • Best Shovel It Just a Little Bit Award goes to Gauri – you were such a good seed at the allotment tasks
  • Best ‘Not all Superhero’s wear Cape’s Award’ goes to Harsha for all her amazing efforts in saving the planet, for keeping us in check on our fitness sessions and for giving us burpees!
  • Best Garden Lapper Award can only go to our Jean for her epic efforts during lockdown 1
  • Best Picker Award goes to Jenny on keeping our town clean with the awesome number of solo litter picks she's done
  • Best Raking It In Award goes to Kam – again, Kam was just the thicket we needed to plough through those beds and getting them ready
  • Best Talkin’ Allot Award goes to Keira for always keeping us entertained
  • Best Boatyard Award goes to Roisin for getting Jamie's yard into ship shape
  • Best Barrel of Laughs Award goes to Meera for just being Meera!
  • Best Teaching is Antz Award goes to Naomi for being a core member of the Wednesday team helping Antz Kids
  • Best Happy Monday Award goes to Nisha for the sheer volume of wellbeing calls she has made every Monday
  • Best Walker Award goes to Pam - I have high expectations for January Pam!
  • Best Reporter Award can only go to Sandy for the brilliant reports and puns she’s written
  • Best Run-Mummy-Run Award goes to Ruth whose return to running has been like a pro
  • Best Mission Possible Award has to go to Sara for the sheer number of missions she’s done!
  • Best Trollied Award goes to Chris who always managed to find the tesco trolley!

Cheers to 2020 and lets look to the future and what 2021 brings (can't be any worse than 2020!).

We hope to return to Group Runs at some point, however, to keep the January spirit alive we have our January Challenge (you all know I like to win, so don’t be shy…sign up…every KM count

Thank you once again for all you have done for #TeamGGSlough in 2020.

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Sara signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Helping Antz Kids - Subject to Government restrictions in place

Wed 6 Jan 17:30 pm
St Anthony’s Church , Farnham Rd, Slough, SL2

Please note that this community mission has been cancelled.

Improve the outdoor or indoor space

This task will only go ahead if restrictions on Tier 4 are lifted or permit us to do voluntary tasks

This week we will carry on helping the church or the school with an outdoor task

There is plenty of space to socially distanced.

Please bring your own gloves and head torch. Any tools we use will be only handled by the person who first has that tool (therefore no mixing of tools between participants). You may wish to bring a mask too.

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Sara went on a mission

Prescription collection for Mr A

Thu 17 Dec

Slough CVS have asked if we can help Mr A please. He needs his medication to be collected from H.A McParland Pharmacy: 306 Trelawney Avenue SL3 7UB and delivered to him at home. The prescription does not need to be paid for.

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Sara went on a community mission
Community mission

Leaders of the pack(ing)

Wed 16 Dec
Report written by Sandy Dhaliwal

Wrapping up our final Wednesday visit of the year

For our last visit of 2020 to help St Anthony’s Church and the Antz Kidz Activity Centre, the five of us channelled our inner Christmas elf and got to work packing away a range items into storage.

As we moved things from one place to the next, we worked as a collective, staying together to transport the pieces while ensuring everyone had enough light due to the dark and slippery conditions - while also (unsuccessfully) trying to avoid the tree branches in our path.

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go... or should that be ho ho, ho ho...

As we marched back and forth, we felt a little like the seven dwarves during this task... which got us thinking about who would be who in our gang. We opted for the following - sometimes giving ourselves opposite traits or ones that matched who we are...:

Manjit - Bashful (clearly an opposite)

Mabu - Grumpy (because he's definitely not)

Sandy - Dopey (you can decide on that one)

Sara - Sleepy (she never tires of good deeds)

Naomi - Sneezy (because her hard work is nothing to be sneezed at... and someone had to be it haha)

Eva - Doc (for her organisational prowess)

Salvo = Happy (because he makes us happy!)

A bit of a masterpiece

You'll see in the photos that one of the things we were putting into storage was a rather impressive display piece. We later found out that the model had won second place in an international art competition run in conjunction with the Natural History Museum. Thousands from across the world had entered the contest themed around endangered animals, and we can understand why this original and unique entry got the attention of the judges.

The talented team at Antz Kidz came up with the idea of using memories and photos of wildlife they had seen on holiday, and with the help of a recycling artist, created a scene made from upcycled items that depicted the continents Asia, South America and Africa.

What a talented group they are! We look forward to seeing more of their amazing talents as we continue to work together in the new year.

Big thanks to everyone involved in the wonderful times we have had on each weekly visit. We enjoy our Wednesday missions so much, and are touched by everyone's mutual kindness, generosity and support whenever we are together. Roll on 2021!

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